Would you like to discover Italy and Rimini

Would you like to discover Italy? I would like to give some good reason to visit Rimini a destination I really enjoyed and that I discovered with the help of www.riminibeach.it

Why many Italians and foreigners have chosen Rimini for their vacations?

Beach Resort

Rimini and Emilia Romagna

If you want to visit Rimini during the summer and you love to stay on the beach you have two options, go in a free beach where you can stay with your personal beach umbrella and chair or you can go in one of the many beach resorts that are located along the 15 kilometers of Adriatic Coast. In the Beach Resort of Rimini you will find all the services that you might need. If you are traveling with children, you will find many areas for them with games, activities and a staff that can take good care of them during the day. You can have access to swimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa, gymnasium and much more. In many beach resorts, you will also have the possibility to play the sport that you like more: beach tennis, volleyball, football and other games. In any part of the coast, you will also find excellent restaurant that prepare typical dishes that you can enjoy while you will contemplate the amazing scenery.

Is Rimini just beach resort and restaurant? No, Rimini is much more. Like many cities of Italy, it has an old history that you can know visiting the old monuments in town.


emilia romagna riviera

There are many monuments as symbol of the romans period. For example you will appreciate the impressive Arco di Augusto an arch built in the 27 B.C. that marked the end of the via Flaminia, an important road that connected Rimini with the ancient capital. The Ponte Tiberio is really worthy to visit, it is a bridge that connects the center of Rimini with the old town of Borgo San Giuliano. This bridge has witnessed many events like earthquakes, wars and inundations but today is still there and used daily by hundreds of cars. Another place that you can visit is the Domus del Chirurgo. In the 1989 during the works in Piazza Ferrari were found here the ruins of a romans house. This house was property of a doctor in fact many surgical instruments have been found here. Another monument that you must visit is the Tempio Malatestiano, very important for the artist that projected it: Leon Battista Alberti. It is also very impressive the Rocca Malatestiana known also like Sigismondo Castle, an important symbol of the Maltesta family.

rimini and the Emilia Romagna

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