Is In Vitro Fertilization Abroad Safe? Where to go for Treatment?



Due to the growing issue of infertility, In Vitro Fertilization has become more significant over last decades. It developed into increasingly popular way of treating couples’ inability to procreate. Because of the boost in demand the patients expect more convenient and comprehensive therapy and do not want to face any limitations or difficulties. Also the price plays a role in decision-making and that is why the infertile couples are willing to travel to even a distant location in order to get the best and most suitable healthcare tailored for their specific needs. Along with the development of medical tourism more and more patients ask themselves whether it is safe to get IVF abroad and how to make sure they make the best decision.

In Vitro Fertilization is the most universal and effective and therefore the most popular method of assisting reproduction and solving infertility problems. Thanks to the fact that it involves combining the female and male reproductive cells and developing embryos in laboratory conditions allows to bypass all of the major infertility factors. That is why both patients are interested in the access to the treatment and the clinic offer more and more complex treatment options. Today In Vitro Fertilization is available in most of the bigger towns and cities in almost every place in the world.  Most couples have the access to it in their area, not mentioning number of treatment possibilities within their country. However, the proximity of the fertility centre is not always the most important incentive for choosing particular place.

IVF abroad?

First and the most important factor taken into consideration is the safety of the procedure. Patients need to know that the contact they found is reliable, the clinic is of high reputation and that they will not be somehow mislead. Also they seek the verified facilities of the highest standards that would not fear to trust with their health, time and money. Also other factors are important to patients choosing IVF clinic. For both financial and effectiveness-related reasons patients usually look for the clinic of not only good reputation but also high success rates, high standards of care and affordable prices. All of those factors combined are far more likely to be found in other countries. You do not need to choose between safety and good price or between high standard and cost-effectiveness of a cycle. Best clinics in many countries offer top-quality care highest safety standards with competitive costs of treatment as well as high efficacy. That is why at the decision stage it is crucial not to limit oneself about possibility of other country as potential localisation of infertility treatment.

Which country

Deciding on a country for In Vitro Fertilization patients should consider all available options. The choice is very broad and include many popular destinations that offer not only best care and procedures but also great conditions of accommodation, transportation and multiple ways of spending leisure time between tests and treatment. It is a wonderful way of spending a free time to travel and at the same time prepare for a parenthood but also it is a great opportunity to use some recreation and relaxation during the infertility treatment which can influence in a positive way the possible outcome of the whole treatment. The most popular destinations are Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine or Cyprus, offering different landscapes and top-quality of treatment.

Best clinic

Choosing carefully the clinic in which we would like to undergo the infertility treatment is a very important process. We need to make sure that our facility of choice is the best available, offers effective IVF procedures with different treatment options such as egg donation or cryopreservation, have the best clinicians and at the same time offers low expenses. The example of such facility are number one centres in Poland – INVICTA Fertility Clinics in which the cutting-edge technologies and best-qualified staff are combined with the most affordable prices, few times lower than in western European countries.