Using MyVegas to Travel Cheap to Vegas



In the modern days of austerity that we are still experiencing since the big credit crunch and crash a few years ago, like most people you are probably always on the look out for ways you can save money.   It is also more than likely that you use a lot of the most common and popular methods for saving money such as supermarket rewards and savings schemes, online vouchers and store cards.  There are many other ways to save money, and in this post we want to discuss a rather fun method.

Have you ever played an online casino game such as online poker or even online slot machines?  There are various options for all you gambling fans.  But, if you are a fan of both saving money and earning cash rewards and playing intense games of luck with the hope of winning something, then myVEGAS app is something that might interest you.

What Is MyVegas App?

MyVegas app is a lot like other slot machine apps out there – you take part in an online variation of the bricks and mortar classic game of chance, normally found in what are known as one-arm bandits.  What makes myVegas app different?  You don’t actually have to put any money into your account to start playing.  It is a completely free way to enjoy the thrills of online gambling.

What Makes MyVegas App An Interesting Money Saving Tool?

As discussed above, you don’t actually have to deposit any money into the app to play the games and win.  The key thing is that there are prizes that you can win while playing this app – but they are rewards that entitle you, when you reach certain levels – to actual savings for that trip to Las Vegas you may be planning.  Just remember to take your mobile or tablet with you to benefit from them.

What Kind Of Money Saving Benefits?

You are probably wondering what kind of benefits you are entitled to.  It does depend on how much you play, how much you win – but if you do win and continue to progress; what your rewards get you will be even better.

The kind of rewards you can expect include things such as money off various attractions and tourist sights, food and drink and even accommodation.  So although you will get money off flights and you won’t win free money to spend at the casinos; you know you may be able to slash costs in our areas of the holiday.  This will undoubtedly be a peace of mind as a you will have less to worry about and can enjoy your trip more.

Therefore, if you do like to have a flutter and a bit of a gamble and are looking to try and cut the cost of your first or next trip to one of the biggest casino destinations in the world, you should give serious consideration to trying myVEGAS.