Travel Review Of Macau

Earlier this year I visited the city of Macau for a leisurely trip. Whilst Macau might not be the first name that springs to mind when people think of great tourist destinations, I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience and discovered many things I didn’t know about the city.

Whilst in Macau I made an effort to explore the many cultural and historical aspects of the city. After hearing a lot about “The ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral” I thought there would be no better place to start than there. When I reached the destination I was overawed by the size and scale of the cathedral. Everywhere I looked there was information on the cathedrals history and heritage; it was a bit like fitting lots of pieces together for a jigsaw! Combining this with friendly staff and delicious food nearby, I had a brilliant first impression of Macau.

One of the best aspects of Macau throughout was the transport. Offering excellent taxi, train, ferry and car hire services moving from destination to destination was not a problem. This helped me travel a long way from the Cathedral to the Macau Tower. Whilst entry to the tower was far from cheap, the sights and aura of the building were simply incredible. Peaking at 338 metres high, this tower allowed me to look over almost all of the beautiful landscape and scenery of the city. It also illustrated how the city was deceptively spacious and not too frantic as I initially feared.

The next place I wanted to visit was the “Leal Senado”. This was the home of the Portuguese government until 1999. The building contained many fascinating scriptures and facts, as well as portraits of past politicians who had graced the building. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a memorabilia shop in the building, allowing tourists to further remember their time in the Senado.

After a tiring few days exploring the city I thought it would be good to kick back and enjoy some downtown in some of the cities many famous casinos.

The first two casinos I visited were the “Galaxy Entertainment” and “Las Vegas Sands.” Whilst I enjoyed both of these, the fact they didn’t offer accommodation for the night meant I had to look elsewhere. This is why I eventually ended up at Macau’s most famous casino “The Venetian Macau”. In here I was immediately greeted by friendly staff who were looking to give me the VIP experience. After being given free drinks and food I booked myself in for the night. I had a thoroughly enjoyable and in the end profitable stay. This was definitely my favourite casino in Macau.

The casinos in Macau can be a little intimidating, especially for novices. I’d therefore suggest getting some practice in before your visit at a site such as On my visit, there was a rather annoying French couple shouting “Jouer ici” everytime it was there turn to role the dice at Craps.


I absolutely recommend the city of Macau to any tourist. Every place I visited I enjoyed, and the combination of casino’s and history means there is something for every one. The only one minor let down were some of the prices which can be a bit excessive, but, all in all it is undoubtedly a worthwhile trip.

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