Top Three Natural Beauty Destinations


Some travel to laze on beaches and soak up the sun, while others love to be pampered in luxury resorts, and these are both great ways to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation. But, there are those that travel to see the sights of the world, and enjoy some of the most breathtaking things mother nature has to offer.

There are many amazing places to visit, and many beautiful, even magical natural wonders to explore and get a new perspective on. Check out this list of the top three most impressive natural wonders, with easy tourist access, a person can see around the world.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

The Grand Canyon is something that truly has to be witnessed, in order to be appreciated. Although often seen in movies, nothing does the breathtaking location justice like actually being there. The canyon is, after all, an astonishing 446 kilometres long, and mind boggling 29 milometer wide. Such numbers only really sink in when seeing the Grand Canyon with your own eyes.

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, there is plenty of tourist services travelling to and from the best scenic locations. And a sight such as this is best explored with a tour guide, who can give more in-depth details on this geological marvel, or you can use one of the many mobile apps, which, like betting apps make everything simpler.

Table Mountain – Cape Town

Table Mountain is a magnificent spectacle to behold. Known for its incredible flat top, and towering position over beautiful Cape Town, it is top of the list on many natural beauty tourist lists. There is easy access up and down the mountain via cable car, allowing guests to witness one of the most spectacular views in the world. Or, for the adventurous, a person can trek up the mountain the old fashioned way, on foot. Although, be cautious about having the stamina for the trek.

Cape Town itself is also well equipped for visitors, with many interesting and unique venues to explore. Plus, a short drive will put tourists in many other natural beauty locations, including picturesque beaches, and beautiful forests.

Ngorongoro Crater – Tanzania

Ever wonder what the landscape looks like after an incredible volcanic eruption? Well, wonder no more, and go take a look for yourself in Tanzania. The astonishing 55 kilometre crater is an impressive testament to mother nature’s fury, and is perhaps as impressive in many ways as the Grand Canyon itself.

But a big crater isn’t all there is to see at this often overlooked incredible natural wonder. The crater is now home to a long list of wildlife, including lions, rhino, leopards, elephant and buffalo. This makes it a prime tourist hotspot for wildlife spotting, so much so that many travel across the globe to visit the location. Such an endeavour will, of course, require organising with one of the many local tourist groups.

The Ngorongoro Crater is within driving distance from the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Be sure to book in advance, as there are limited tour groups per day that travel into the crater. And don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.