Your Top Guide To Seeing London And Paris In A Week

It can often be nice to take a long relaxing vacation, but there are other occasions when you want to take a quick, last minute trip somewhere on a budget.

An exciting vacation plan that allows you to take in two cities at once is a fun-filled trip to London and then onwards to Paris.

London is an exciting tourist hot-spot, and it is the perfect prelude to a trip to Paris. With great Eurostar travel links, you can take a few days to explore the city before heading off to the city of romance.

If you are a seasoned traveller, then you will probably already have a good idea of the top travel tips and tricks by now. You may have even fallen in love with one of the cities that you’ve visited and be daydreaming about working there one day. This site about expat jobs offers some interesting information.


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Your stay in London can be tailored to meet your individual likes and dislikes. There are plenty of sightseeing tours and attractions to take in, such as:

The London Eye

Buckingham Palace

Madame Tussauds

The Tower of London

The National History Museum

Tate Modern

Of course, you may just want to head to the shops. Harrods is a popular London shopping destination and is actually an experience in itself. Christmas is a great time to visit London as both Harrods and Liberty of London have their Christmas lights and window displays set up.

If you have been watching the Liberty of London TV show you may want to go and have a look around the iconic store for yourself. See if you can spot any famous faces from the shop’s own documentary style show.

There are plenty of modern and trendy places to eat in London. If you are looking for the tourist friendly option, then you may want to pay a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe. However, it is always good to take in some of the local hangouts. What about searching for a pie and mash shop that David Beckham likes to visit, or the Crepe stand where Harry Styles reportedly likes to eat?

You could stay in the city centre or take a day trip further afield to take in the signs and sounds of the amazing Warner Bros Studio Tour and their Harry Potter tour experience. This is especially beautiful in winter as the famous great hall is decked out with festive decorations.

When you have explored for a few days, get ready to board the Eurostar and head directly into Paris for more adventures!


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You will reach Paris so quickly that you’ll hardly believe you are there. On the other side of the tunnel, you are greeted by vast green countryside until you get into the city.

Depart the train at Gare Du Nord station and easily navigate your way through the station to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Paris is always full of energy and excitement no matter what time of year you travel. Summer is especially nice as you can take a stroll along the Seine and watch everyone as they eat their picnics and dangle their legs over the walkway edge.

The water is murky and a bit smelly, but it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere in any way. In fact, it almost adds to the charm of the beautiful city.

For your short stay in Paris you will probably be keen to take in some of the major attractions first, of course, you will probably head to the Eiffel Tower. Remember that things get very busy and there will be a long wait. If you want an insider’s tip, visit the Sacre Coeur instead and get an even better, free view of the city!

Don’t forget to check out the Moulin Rouge if you can afford to budget for it. This is one of Paris’ best-known attractions. Don’t go there expecting things to be like the movie of the same name though, as the show is very different!

A few other exciting places to take in during your stay are:


Notre Dame

The Louvre

Musee d’Orsay

Arc De Triomphe

The Latin Quarter

Let your imagination go wild and explore as much as you can. If you use the Metro system to get around you will find that everything is well within travelling distance. Most people speak English at the stations but if not; there are plenty of machines to buy your travel tickets.

Everyone might seem like they are in a rush, and the environment is very reminiscent of London, which you will have already just visited. Take your time and don’t feel rushed into missing the stunning views.

Take your camera with you to London and Paris as there are many beautiful things to be seen and photographed. When you return, these will be the memories that you will treasure forever, so document everything!

Try to immerse yourself in the local culture. Avoid taking a taxi everywhere as you will miss some of the classic Parisian features. Those quaint cobbled streets are out there for the finding. The Montmartre area, near the Sacre Coeur is especially good for snapping some typically French scenes.

Make use of some of the designer shops such as Tiffany & co and Chanel. If you can’t splash out on a little luxury buy for yourself there, then where?

There are many beautiful bakeries selling locally made delicacies. You can’t bring these home with you (without risking them being crushed) so purchase one and sit in one of the many quiet park areas, for a relaxing break.

When it is time to go, make sure that you pick up some postcards and perhaps one of the tacky Eiffel Tower souvenirs from the street sellers on the stretch of road leading that way. These are cheap and not very good quality, but they make for a great kitsch reminder of your trip or a silly gift for people on your return.