Top 3 US Cities You Must Visit This Summer

After five years of a stifled economy and an incredibly unstable job market, things are finally beginning to look a little more promising in 2014. This is cause for celebration, as it means our heads are likely to stay above water for the next decade or so, until the bankers get things wrong again, and the process starts over. Still, we don’t really need to think about that, as there’s very little we can do to impact on the situation anyway.

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That said; with a recovering economy comes more money for the people, and this means it might be time we all did a bit of traveling over the next few months. However, selecting the perfect destinations for your trip can be difficult, especially if you have dreams of visiting America but haven’t been able to spend time researching, and this is precisely why I’ve chosen to write this short post today. Have a quick read through the three suggestions I’ve made below, and hopefully you should come away with some brilliant ideas.

New York City, New York

They call this place the big apple, and although you might get a bad impression of it from movies and on the news, it’s actually one of the most progressive areas in the entire country, and is home to some of the richest and most famous people in the US. The architecture here is absolutely stunning, and will be especially impressive for anyone who’s never seen a skyscraper before. Spend your day’s shopping in Times Square before taking a traditional yellow cab and visiting one of the many concert halls to hear your favourite musicians and bands play their biggest hits. This place has something for everyone.

Miami, Florida

If this city is appealing enough for Will Smith to write a number one hit detailing activities here, then it should be pretty obvious that it’s somewhere you need to visit. Near to all the standard Florida attractions; Disney World, Universal Studios etc, but far away so you can avoid other tourists if you want to. Many people fall in love with this city the second that arrive, and this is why so many condos are built in the area. So, who knows; you might visit Miami once, only to come back and buy a penthouse the following summer.

Dallas, Texas

And now for something completely different. This city would suit anyone who wants to experience how modern day cowboys live. Although the majority of people here are forward thinking, and most of the areas are very modern, you still get the wild west feel that many travelers are looking for. Perhaps it’s the local accent, or maybe it’s the fact that most residents have a shocking quantity of weapons in their homes; who knows. All I can say is that people who visit Texas never come back with complaints about anything other than the amount of police stationed on the Mexican border.

Well guys, I hope this short guide has helped to to select the ideal destination for your trip this year. Just remember that America is vast, so if you haven’t encountered anywhere appealing yet, all you need to do is keep looking.

See you next time!

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