The Top 10 Things People Forget When Planning a Holiday Abroad

Ever had one of those moments when you get to the airport when you think “uh oh”? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there; forgetting something vital before your holiday starts as a common mistake to make. We’ve compiled a list of the most important things people forget when planning a holiday, from getting to the airport to things you need whilst abroad.

1. Tickets

Believe it or not, so many people forget their tickets now more than ever; with thanks to digital booking confirmations. A lot of us just assume that we’ve got a copy of our ticket on our phone, so that’s all we need, right? Most airlines won’t just look at the number on your phone; they’ll want to scan a paper copy of your ticket. Make sure you’ve got them printed for the way there and back.

2. Passport

Forgetting your passport is a big ‘uh oh’ moment, especially if you’re already at the airport. Forgetting to renew your passport is even worse! Make sure that your passport isn’t due to expire in the next few months. If it is, then talk to your local UK passport office information desk to organise a new one. If your passport is up to date then make sure it’s in your hand luggage!

3. Insurance

Some travel companies won’t let you fly unless you have arranged travel insurance, so ensure this is done before you go away. Remember to bring your insurance documents with you on holiday, as well as a list of handy numbers to call if you need to make a claim.

4. Transfers

We’ve all experienced this one; how are you going to get from the airport to the hotel? Those booking an all inclusive package holiday will probably already have their transfers sorted, but everyone else will need to arrange something themselves. Research the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get from A to B.

5. Underwear

You may chuckle at this one, but is actually one of those things that gets forgotten a lot! We’re so busy remembering our holiday clothes that we forget to bring enough pants and socks (if any). Don’t be caught short without your smalls.

6. Swimming stuff

Even if you’re planning on a sightseeing trip around the desert, there is no harm in bringing swimwear. There will always be an opportunity to relax by the pool or dip in the lake when you’re abroad, so be fully prepared. Swimming stuff also includes a towel to reserve your lounger by the pool.

7. Flip flops

We say flip flops but really we mean appropriate shoes in general. There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate a red hot beach in bare feet, or even worse; high heels. Ensure you’ve got appropriate shoes for your holiday packed and ready to go.

8. Sun screen

But I’m going skiing, why would I need sunscreen? Every holiday destination requires sunscreen, whether the sun is obviously in your face or shooting harmful UV rays through the cloud. There’s no harm in taking it, even if the weather isn’t going to be Carribean hot.

9. Medication

You don’t want to leave any important medication behind and risk a trip to a foreign doctor or deal with withdrawal symptoms. Whatever medication you take make sure you have a decent supply, along with the usual antihistamine and ibuprofen.

10. Charger

How many times have you taken your camera on holiday, started taking snaps and then found out it has run out of battery? Make sure you pack all of the chargers you need for your chosen technology and the relevant plug adapters.

The top 10 things people forget when planning their holiday abroad; have you ever forgotten any of these? Alternatively are you always fully prepared for any eventuality?

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