Tips For Travelling On A Budget


Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone has the biggest budget to do so. Sure, it’s nice to stay in swanky, five star hotels that offer free soap and mints on the pillows, but a person can get by spending a great deal less, and still have an amazing time. In fact, travelling can often cost a great deal less than is assumed, and if you manage your finances you can easily see the world. Depending on where you intend on travelling, of course. Affordable options are going to be fewer when travelling to a place like Monaco, after all.

For those who are not planning to hit the most expensive casinos in the world in Monaco, here are a few tips and tricks that can help saving while still seeing the world travelling.

Backpacker Adventures

Backpacking is one of the most affordable ways to tour a country. Some think that being a backpacker means sleeping in rat infested hell holes, but this is far from the truth. In fact, many agree that backpacking is preferable to staying in accommodation venues that can be overpriced.

But, one must also know how to go about backpacking, or risk getting overwhelmed, confused and lost. The first key to the concept is that minimal luggage be taken, so as to avoid getting bogged down, and struggling to manage multiple baggage items. The name of the game is backpacking, after all, and everything needed should be carried in a single backpack.

Planning is the next big key. Know where you are going, have maps and GPS handy, and mark your routes in advance. Google, learn about the areas you intend on visiting, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from locals. With your route planned out, you can simply soak in the atmosphere and have a good time.

Eat Smart

But even if you’re not backpacking, there are ways to cut back on costs, and you don’t have to win big with FIFA World Cup betting just to eat well. One essential tip is that eating out is expensive. And it’s especially expensive if you choose restaurants aimed at tourists. If eating out in a travel destination, try to stick to venues preferred by locals; prices tend to be much more gentle.

Or, better yet, you can avoid eating out at all, shop, do your own cooking, and save your cash for something else. This is one of the single biggest ways to save big when travelling abroad.

Shop Smart

Tourists are often targeted, but this is really is just part of being a tourist. Many will charge higher prices specifically to tourists, so it pays not to grab every product that is placed right under your nose. If looking for gifts and souvenirs for friends, be sure to shop around and see what the price ranges are. It is also smart to keep abreast of trends and snap up any tech or other items that may be cheaper where you are, rather than back home.

Also, as with eating out, be sure not to hit places that are specifically aimed at tourists. Instead, stick to the local establishments for all your shopping needs, and you’ll be sure to save. Every penny counts, after all.

Off Season

The last tip is obvious, but always worth mentioning; travelling off season will save a bundle. Avoid holiday times, book well in advance, and you’ll save a small fortune. If you didn’t already know, now you do.