Tips on Managing your Travel Blog Website while on the Road


Among the hardest things to master when traveling abroad is to find the time to manage your blog. After all, it can be hard to sustain your social media profiles and publishing quality content while traveling. To help you better organize your time and develop the best strategy for travel website management while traveling the country, or the world, follow our tips below.

1. Research Before You Travel

You’ll have a better idea on what to showcase on your blog when you research you’re traveling beforehand. Plus, when you predetermine what your blog will be about, you can get the right photos you need and get the content or quotes from the people you need the most. Taking these steps will make it easier for you to manage your blog and most meaningful blog posts.

2. Write Your Blog Content Beforehand

Before you leave for your trip, create a few complete blog posts. With this type of website management, you will have a backlog of articles to publish while you are enjoying your travels. Post blogs about past trips, how to’s, tips, or anything else you can think of. Be sure to edit any photos and graphics you need for your posts, too. Without needing to create new content on the road, you can truly enjoy a stress-free trip.

3. Schedule Your Posts

This is where your pre-written posts for WordPress blog management come in handy. Before you leave for your trip, schedule posts to publish while you are away. This way, you do not need to worry about finding internet access or writing and publishing content while you are trying to enjoy your travels. You should do the same for all of your social media website updates too.

4. Take Notes and Pictures

To ensure you don’t forget any moment of your trip, take tons of notes and pictures. You can use either a notebook and pencil or take notes in your phone- whichever method works best for you. Take notes about sights, sounds, feelings, quotes, street names, and anything else that you may find useful when writing your blog posts.

5. Schedule Time to Blog

While you are traveling, try to set aside some time to organize your notes, draft up a few posts, and get some writing done. Though it may not be the most fun part of traveling, sometimes doing work on the road is needed. Schedule a few hours at the end of your day for WordPress blog management. This little bit of work can make all the difference when you arrive home again.

6. Use a Portable WiFi Hotspot

These handy little devices allow you to connect to the internet where you normally would not be able to. This way, you can use your laptop and other devices while driving, flying, or traveling by train. You can be much more productive with website updates and finish your work wherever you may be.