Three Reasons why Holiday Rentals are Better than Hotels


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For most hard-working people, the point of having a break is to get away from normal life. Most of us haven’t got private chefs and maids.  One of the bonuses of staying in a hotel is that fresh towels and sheets are provided. The room is cleaned every day. There’s no need to go supermarket shopping. You usually get breakfast in the hotel and eat your remaining meals out. So, not only is there no cooking, but no washing up either.

So, how can staying in a holiday rental apartment possibly be better than a hotel? There are benefits of renting a villa or guest house. It all depends on the following factors.

You’re in a Large Group

You and your friends want to holiday together. Or, you are a large family group. Hotels usually cater up to a maximum of four people. Sometimes this means pulling out the sofa bed for one person. Many hotel rooms are of a small size. This is particularly true of historic buildings that have been converted.

When a few people then stay in one small room, it can start to feel very claustrophobic. There isn’t enough closet space and there isn’t enough privacy.

A group of six people, for instance, can stay together in Seminyak villas in Bali. Sharing a holiday villa rental with friends not only saves money, but is also more fun. Plus, by sharing the costs, you get luxury accommodation at a cheaper price.

If they were to book a hotel instead, the same group of people would be split up. A Group of six will need to book between two and three hotel rooms. Part of the fun of a holiday is spending time with your fellow travellers. Staying in a hotel, rather than a guest apartment or villa, may spoil that holiday atmosphere.

So, if you are holidaying with a group, be wise and book a guesthouse or villa. You’ll have the space to chill out, bathe and dress. Best of all, you can do this while enjoying the fun of your friends around you.


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Value for Money

There are some great holiday bargains out there for villa and guest house rental. Yes, hotels have special offers which are easily researched online. Travellers should though always check the comparative price of an apartment.

In recent years a host of new accommodation websites have sprung up. These list alternatives to standard hotel rooms. This is a simple way to browse through your options. You can also easily compare rentals with the equivalent price for a hotel room. More often than not, the apartment or guest house rental is cheaper.

The most budget-friendly holiday rental choice is a spare room in someone’s house. However, you can find far superior accommodation at a reasonable price. Often, these rental venues surpass what a hotel can offer.

You may still want the trimmings that come with a hotel. If so, check out the guest house description when researching. Many holiday villas also provide towels, a cleaning service, Wi-Fi and more.


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You’re a Business Traveller

You could choose a hotel as your accommodation. For the most part, hotels are tastefully decorated but that decor can be bland. Often they just don’t feel like home. This is ideal if you’re on holiday. If instead, you’re a frequent business traveller, you’ll likely miss familiar comforts.

Business people who travel eat out most days. This might seem like a luxury. However, after a while it gets dull and lonely. When you book a rental apartment there are the facilities to cook your own food. This helps guests feel more at home. They can even invite people round for dinner or drinks. If they are alone, they’ll have a separate living area to chill out in.

Holiday apartments, villa and guest houses have grown in number and quality. Many offer the same facilities as a hotel, but with more room and more privacy. They also can be better value than hotels. With all these benefits, travellers should pause before automatically booking a hotel.

Get into the habit of researching rental accommodation as well. You may be surprised with the low price and luxurious space on offer.