The Most Expensive Casinos in the World

Far too many people automatically associate the most expensive and extravagant casinos with the city of Las Vegas. And who could blame them?  The flashing metropolis that stands in the middle of the Mojave Desert has been home to some of the most exclusive hotels and luxurious casinos in the world. However, the world of high-class casinos is not limited to Las Vegas; other lavish gambling nightclubs have emerged all around the globe.

The revenues from casinos have been on the rise for the last few years in spite of the recession; this has pushed casino companies to build the most extravagant properties on the planet. Even online casinos are getting more and more popular. If you are interested in this topic, you can read more on the casino room blog. And if you are interested which casinos are the most expensive ones, here are the top five properties in the world!

5. City of Dreams Macau

Price: 2.1 billion dollars

Place: Cotai Strip Macau, China

Opened: June 1 2009

Numbers: 2,200 suites, 550 gaming tables, 1,500 gaming machines, 420,000 gaming floor

Info: Popularly known as CoD, offers 1,500 machines spread across more than 20 restaurants, including on the one of the largest in the world. There are also many high-end retailers spread across 175,000 square feet of shopping space in the CoD hotel.

4. Venetian Macau

Price: 2.4 billion dollars

Place: Cotai Strip Macau, China

Opened: August 2007

Numbers: 3000 suites, 800 gaming tables, 3400 slot machines, 550,000 square gaming floor (still the biggest gaming floor in the world)

Info: Macau has been hailed as the Las Vegas of Asia, and the opening of the Venetian Macau in 2007 has only solidified the city’s claim to this title. Venetian Macau has a similar structure as its Las Vegas counterpart, but it adds a cultural twist that makes it different from other Venetian hotels.

3. Wynn Las Vegas

Price: 2.7 billion dollars

Place: Las Vegas, United States of America

Opened: April 29 2005

Numbers: 2,359 suites (with an average price of one million dollars per suit), 137 gaming tables, 2000 slot machines, 110,000 square feet casino floor

Info: The Wynn is not only one of the most expensive hotel-casinos ever build, it is also rated as one of the best in the world. It offers every gambling game known to man, and not only that – casino’s interior design is really impressive.

2. Resort World Sentosa

Price: 4.93 billion dollars

Place: Singapore

Opened: February 14 2010

Numbers: 6 hotels with 1,800 suites, 121 acres, 161,500 foot casino floor

Info: The property does not only house two great casinos, it also has the world’s biggest Aquarium and a Universal Studios theme park. Since its opening in 2010, Resort World Sentosa has attracted more than 30 million visitors in the first two years alone.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Price: 5.5 billion dollars

Place: Singapore

Opened: April 27 2010

Numbers: 2,500 suites, 1000 gaming tables, 1400 slot machines

Info: Thanks to its imposing design and monstrous construction costs, Marina Bay Sands is quickly becoming one of Singapore’s most iconic and recognizable structures. Besides a large number of gaming tables, Marina Bay offers other high end features and entertainment options, such as the Marina Bay Science Museum and Marina Bay Grand Theater.