The best cultural cities you must visit

There’s nothing like a tour in a place rich with cultural tradition, where you can gather experiences on different forms of art, music, architecture, and theatre. Here are five great cities that will give you just that.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the world’s most famous cities. Known for its art, culture, fashion and food, Paris has retained its traditional appeal despite its modernity. Besides enjoying the view from atop the Eiffel Tower, spend a day at the Louvre to admire the work of historical artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso. If you are a science enthusiast, the National Museum of Natural History and the Paris Observatory, one of the world’s biggest astronomy centres, may also interest you. Depending on when you travel, you may attend one of Paris’ many film and music festivals. Head to the Paris Opera for elaborate ballets, and finally, be sure to sample French cuisine at the city’s many eateries. Find a flight from Edinburgh to Paris today.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Full of vitality, character, and rich with an international influx, Johannesburg offers a multitude of cultural experiences to locals, students and tourists alike. From art and theatre to dance, the city is immersed in creativity, displayed through its many schools and galleries. The National School of Arts, South African Ballet Theatre, and Johannesburg Art Gallery are just a few. The city is dotted with murals and sculptures, and has several museums with themes from African history such as art, costume and political freedom, like the Apartheid Museum. The City Centre is buzzing with activity all year round, so you can easily find flights from London to Johannesburg to suit your schedule.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, is an important cultural hub. You can tour the city’s history and art at its abundant museums housed in old buildings like the erstwhile imperial home, currently the Hermitage Museum. Buildings from the Baroque and Neoclassical eras continue to stand tall amongst the newer structures, an example being the St. Petersburg Mosque. The Mariinsky is one of many theatres that you can visit for an opera or ballet, and the annual SKIF music festival is worth attending.

Budapest, Hungary

One of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest is extremely popular with tourists. It is replete with museums and galleries, so you can attend one of several art, culture and history exhibitions that happen throughout the year. Visit the Budapest Opera, one of about 40 theatres whose charm is elevated by its historical setting. You are sure to find a least one festival for music, wine, food or film, or even change upon a contemporary arts or folk dance celebration.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of Japan’s most famous cities with a history of distinct cultural practices. For a hands-on experience of Tokyo’s culture, you can participate in traditional origami, doll making, calligraphy or ikebana workshops, or try your hand at the culinary arts like sushi making and tea ceremonies. Soak in Tokyo’s distinct art and theatre, such as costume dramas and traditional drum music, at its many cultural centres. The city has beautiful shrines and temples, as well as museums like the Tokyo National Museum, where you can see relics from Japan’s ancient history.

If you are a patron of art and culture, then traveling to these five cities will be worth your while. While each of them offers a unique mix of cultural elements, all of them are bound together by the common thread of history and a people soaked in their own rich heritage.