The Sunshine Coast Could Be Your Best Choice for Vacation

Australia is an amazing country that offers so many exciting family activities and things to do and see. It’s sunshine coast region is no exception as this place is filled with so many amusement parks, restaurants, shopping centers and other incredible family activities, and you may love to return to this vacation hot spot year after year just to take it all in.

Once you arrive at the Sunshine Coast with the help of airport car rental, there are lot of things you can do during your stay. One of the best attractions of the Sunshine Coast is Bellingham Maze. It has lot of activities for both young and old. Venture through a rainforest to a cafe, or enjoy the thrill of traveling through a magic waterfall. Be ready for the surprises as you try to find your way through the middle of incredible hedge maze, which is the biggest attraction at Bellingham Maze.

The café there is itself filled with lot of puzzles and brain teasers to play while you’re there. In fact, you can buy few additional ones when you are there and take them home with you. Aside from this, there are various other mazes at Bellingham, such as the ones made using tires, rope, and another area consisting of innovative tile puzzles. The place also has a search event where you can search for seven dwarfs Snow White’s cottage.

Another fun place for the entire family is the fun park called Aussie World that contains more than 32 different games and rides. Aussie world includes a super giant Ferris Wheel, mini golf, a cool roller coaster and an octopus ride. This settings reminds of old Australian fairground where there are lots of things for the kids and older folks to enjoy and ride. At this place, you should also visit Ettamogah Pub, which is one the most famous bars in the world. Using an airport car rental company’s car you should also visit Bluey’s Grill where they serve delicious grub for kids and adults alike.

Sunshine Castle is also a fun and exciting place to visit with the entire family. It is a Norman style castle that’s enchanting and educational. It’s filled with all that a medieval castle should have. It has its own towers, turrets, and a drawbridge there can take you can your family across a real moat. Your kids can go on a treasure hunt and enjoy sweet treats for all.

There’s no need to sacrifice the big city fun when you are on the coast, because just forty minutes away is the famous city of Brisbane. It’s reachable by either a car or a public transportation. This way, you will be able to go back and forth to various events and nightlife of the city. You can even go for sightseeing and shopping and be still back to the coast before the dark.

A visit to Sunshine Coast is more than just a vacation it’s a pure family adventure.

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