Stress-Free Ski Holidays



Plan Ahead To Maximise Your Time On The Slopes This Winter

Don’t turn up to your ski holiday and spend your first day organising the details. Get organised in advance to make the most of your ski holiday in 2018.

Around 1.2 million Brits jet off to the slopes each winter looking for snow and the chance of a fun holiday bonding with friends and family, while gaining a great cardiovascular workout at the same time. It’s easy to see why skiing appeals to so many; taking in breath-taking snow-laden vistas during the day, and indulging in the after-ski atmosphere each evening. The only problem with skiing is that there is a fair amount of planning and logistics that goes into arranging the ultimate ski trip. But there’s no need to worry, here are some top tips to ensure that your next ski holiday is entirely stress-free.

The Right Destination

First things first, when booking a ski holiday, you want to know that the location you’ve committed to is going to be worth every penny. With the average ski holiday for a family of four costing approximately £3,500 for a week including flights, accommodation, food, ski rental, lift passes, lessons and spending money, this is certainly one of the more expensive types of holiday.

Do Your Research

The best ways to gain peace of mind that you’re going to a fantastic resort all involve using the Internet. You can book your holiday with a reputable travel company who is experienced in this type of break.

Alternatively, if you want additional control over certain elements of your stay, such as travel dates, specific lodgings or want to stay for a longer or shorter duration than is offered with a ski package, then booking your trip yourself allows you to do just that. Always use the Internet to conduct extensive research into the area you’re staying in so that there will be no surprises when you arrive. Travel reviews offer honest appraisals by former guests which can give massive hints about how comfortable and convenient you’re going to find your stay.

Take Your Own Equipment

You know the drill; you arrive on a ski holiday and have to hire skis, boots and snowboarding gear. It takes time to find the right fit for you and you’d much rather just hit the slopes in kit that you already know is suitable. So, why not consider bringing your own equipment with you? It’s much easier than you would think to ship skis out in advance of your trip. You can have them picked up from your home and delivered straight to the door of your chalet by courier, which is much more convenient than having to check them in with you on your flight.

Book Your Tuition

Whether you’re looking to drop your kids into an English-speaking ski school or want to polish up a bit on your own technique, it’s important to book your tuition before you arrive if you want a stress-free ski holiday. The best instructors have packed diaries so it pays to get in there early, at least a few weeks before your holiday in order to secure lessons at a time of day that suits you.

The key to maximising your time on the slopes is to take care of as many details as possible before you leave home. Do your research, get booking and ship your gear so that you can sit back and relax on your ski trip this winter.