Specialist Travel Insurance for the Over 65s


The older you are, typically the more expensive your travel insurance is going to be. This is due to the fact that as we get older, we tend to develop medical conditions and many insurance providers consider older people to be more at risk of illness or injury. However, if you shop around for over 65s travel insurance you may be able to get a more competitive quote for cover.

 The older you are the higher the premium

Generally the older you are the higher the insurance premium is going to be when applying for travel insurance. This applies more so to those who suffer from any pre-existing illness, which many people over 65 do. While pre-existing conditions may differ slightly between insurance companies generally they are conditions such as:

  • any condition associated with the heart, including having high blood pressure;
  • asthma and other conditions associated with the breathing;
  • any gastrointestinal condition;
  • diabetes;

Any of the above conditions may go towards your quotes for travel insurance being more expensive than someone who has a clean bill of health. This typically applies to any age group, but more so to those over the age of 65. A specialist insurance provider may be able to offer insurance for competitive quotes while offering comprehensive cover, even if you have a pre-existing condition. (Check out this Guide to travelling with existing health conditions from BengoTravel).

An over 65s travel insurance policy is generally similar to any other travel insurance policy taken by a person younger, but there may be some differences in some aspects. With a policy for the over 65s there may be some limits, but there may also be some additional benefits that are not covered in the younger persons insurance. These may typically include medical and emergency cover.

Choosing specialist travel insurance for over 65s

When looking for travel insurance for over 65s it pays to bear in mind that not all insurance policies offer the same. Therefore it pays to go with a specialist who caters specifically for the older generation. Before applying for insurance you may wish to consider some things, for instance:

  • are you going to be carrying any expensive belongings with you? If so does the insurance cover them for loss, damage or theft;
  • how much foreign cash will you have on you;
  • do you need the insurance to provide protection for any sports that you may be taking part in? For instance, are you going on a skiing holiday or scuba diving?
  • do you need cover for cancellation of the holiday;
  • what about protection for delays due to weather, mechanical breakdown or industrial action;
  • is personal liability insurance going to be included;
  • is your luggage covered in the policy;
  • does it provide cover for emergency treatment due to accident or illness and repatriation if needed?

The above are just some of the many things that you may want over 65s travel insurance to include for peace of mind and financial security. Of course the more comprehensive the insurance, the more expensive the quotes for cover are likely to be. When you bear in mind that repatriation may add up to many thousands of pounds if you are not insured for it, it may be worth paying that little bit extra to have it included.