Six Tips To Stay Safe In London

Travelling in London can be a lot of fun. London is full of amazing attractions and there is plenty to do to keep you occupied. Once you get there, you will realise that there is not another city like it in the world. For the most part, that is positive. But, there are negatives. Some of the city operates with a different frame of mind, and that can cause problems. To stay safe, have a look at these five tips below.

Dilemma 1: Getting Lost

The Solution: Plan your route before you leave for the day. London is a big city, much bigger than any other city in Britain. To make the situation even worse, the transport links are not the easiest to understand. If you have never been before, it is easy to lose your bearings. All you need are a couple of tools to plan your route beforehand so that doesn’t happen. Download the Citymapper app and figure out tube or bus goes where to avoid any unsavoury places.

Dilemma 2: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The Solution: If you do end up somewhere you shouldn’t, don’t panic. Try to avoid the use of electronic devices because they alert people to the fact you have something worth taking. Plus, music and headphones divert your focus. Walk with a purpose as if you are not in trouble and ask someone for directions. Sometimes, the smallest signs can make the biggest difference.

Dilemma 3: Crossing the Road

The Solution: In the UK, cars drive on the opposite side of the road (left-hand side) than the majority of the world. It is only a small difference, but again the small differences can be huge. Looking the wrong way before you cross the road could result in an accident, so look right and then left and take your time. In fact, try and cross at designated crossings where possible.


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Dilemma 4: Personal Items

The Solution: London is like any city in the world in that there are opportunists that will take advantage. Don’t give them the opportunity and keep all your belongings on your person. Unfortunately, the natives are adept at locating travellers and targeting them. Keep an eye on your bags and never let them out of your sight unless they are secure. Even if your belongings are on your person, always check they are safe. Pickpockets are rife and good at what they do.

Dilemma 5: Contact Numbers

The Solution: Research the people to contact if you are in trouble. Every country has different emergency phone numbers and they can be vital in a jam. Remember that the UK’s emergency services number is 999, not 911.

Dilemma 6: Treatment

The Solution: Go to accident and emergency. If you do need emergency treatment, the National Health Service is free. The A&E section of the NHS treats most ailments, so get to your nearest one for help. If you want the best treatment, private health care is a great alternative. The London Doctors Clinic has several locations across London and is well regarded for its service of care. It is more expensive, but sometimes the NHS isn’t the best option because of waiting times.

In general, London is incredibly safe. These six tips will make sure that nothing goes wrong and your trip is one to remember for all the right reasons.