A Quick Guide To Private Yacht Charters

All of us need a holiday at some point. Whether you’re just looking to travel and see a bit more of what the world has to offer, or you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of working life, getting away from it is a common hobby amongst us all. There are countless places for avid travelers to visit, and if you’re planning on hitting multiple destinations, private yacht charters are a thrilling, stylish way to do so. The popularity of yachts has come about due to many people enjoying the experience of a cruise, but wanting to try something a little different – after all, many yachts are more similar to a place of entertainment than a boat! With more and more of us deciding to take to the high seas every year, yacht charters offer a sophisticated, relaxing approach to seafaring that regular cruise holidays lack.

Whilst a private yacht charter can be a wonderful experience for you and your family, you’ll need to do a fair bit of research and planning before you book if you want to get the most of your vacation. Choosing your holiday destination is just the beginning – you’ll need to ensure that your charter is with a reputable company that adheres to all necessary rules and regulations. It’s also important to make sure your crew is willing and able – most private yacht companies have a website that will show you all the certificates and qualifications that the company and crew have received.

The next step (and one that you’ll probably be the most excited about) is to start looking at possible destinations and other options available to you. Where you can navigate to and from greatly depend on the length of your private charter and the duration of your holiday. Generally speaking, private yachts sail during the day and anchor at night, which can limit the distance you travel. As long as you keep that in mind when booking, you can plan your trip accordingly.


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Picking the yacht itself is just as important as all other aspects of the trip. Yachts come in many shapes and sizes – which one you choose will depend greatly on the size of your party. The three most popular types of private yacht available are sail (wind) powered, motorised yacht or multihull catamaran. Sailing is the most traditional but you will be governed largely by the wind, whereas motor yachts are noisier, but cover distances very quickly. Catamarans can be either, with features that often provide more stability. As you can imagine, choosing a yacht comes down to personal preference.

Private yacht charters may seem like a once in a lifetime experience for many, but the beauty of them is that the price can be divided up between the whole party. You also have the added advantage of not having to pay to stay in a hotel, which can save you quite a lot.

So there you go! If the idea of crossing the seas to visit enthralling locations entices you, why not look into a private yacht charter vacation with your family this year? You might not want to come back onto dry land…


Image via Flickr