Puerto Vallarta for the Perfect Vacation


The modern age has brought us many benefits, not least the ability to take advantage of cheap air travel to reach destinations that would previously have been open to only the very wealthy. Also, cruises are now no longer exclusive, so it is far easier to reach exotic and exciting destinations that provide an opportunity for fun and interesting holidays. Mexico, for example, has fast become a destination of choice, and for many reasons; it is a notably friendly country with plenty to offer in terms of things to do, and features some quite spectacular beaches.

We particularly recommend you check out Puerto Vallarta, a wonderful resort on the Pacific Coast. Located on the beautiful Bay of Banderas, this small and friendly city offers a chance to experience the genuinely exotic at sensible prices, especially when you consider the choice of vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta. These superbly furnished, luxurious villas occupy some of the prime locations on the bay, and provide you with ultimate privacy, plus the convenience of being able to come and go as you please with no restrictions.

Puerto Vallarta is a popular resort for many reasons, but for most it is the stunning beaches that are the main draw, and your chosen villa will be within easy walking distance of one of the best. But there is more to this city than simply lying in the sun, so let’s have a look at what Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

The Many Delights of Puerto Vallarta

This is a city of many faces; developed largely in the 19th century, when the Spanish colonial rule was in play, the city is a mix of old and new architecture, and has a charming feel that is relaxed and welcoming. Indeed, it has a reputation as one of the friendliest places anywhere, and it shows as tourists are welcomed everywhere. You can find many fine cafes on the glorious plazas, great places to relax and watch the world go by, and there are charming shops and bustling markets where you can buy fresh produce to cook back at your villa – preferably outdoors using the equipment provided.

A little further afield you can explore the mountain ranges behind the city, or trek by the magnificent rivers with stunning waterfalls and forests, or you could explore the history of the city at any of the fascinating museums within, and catch up with local culture at the art galleries. If art is your thing, a wall along the famous Malecon – the paved walkway that skirts the shore – will bring you close to a series of excellent sculptures, and you may even decide to stop at one of the restaurants on the route to enjoy local cuisine.

Indeed, food is a part of Mexican culture, and never more so than in Puerto Vallarta. Seafood is naturally the speciality here, and you cannot visit without trying some of the local dishes. Raw fish may sound unappetising, but when done this way – and served in lime juice – it becomes something very special. Likewise the local red snapper – caught in the bay – when delivered in garlic and spice sauce; this is a delight you simply cannot miss. You should also stop at one of the taco vendors on the street or at the beach, and try the grilled skewered meat in a hot sauce. So, with food and fun to be had, what more can you ask for? The beach, of course!

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

One of the main attractions of Puerto Vallarta has to be the coastline; the bay is lined with a series of quite magnificent beaches, each of which has its own charm. Some are quaint and secluded – Playa Quimixto, for example, is a stunning secluded beach with a small village, and if you find the right guide, they will take you through a secret route to a series of hidden waterfalls – while others are large and popular beaches, such as Playa Los Muertos – or Dead Man’s Beach – which is the largest in the city, and a place of many legends of historical battles.

The Mexican weather is perfect for the beach, and as many are lined with palm trees you have the perfect shade for when things get too hot. You could also swim in the perfectly clear waters, which lend themselves perfectly to snorkelling. Some beaches now have nature reserve status as they are home to living reefs, which can be explored if you dive, and the many spectacular rock formations in the bay offer the perfect habitat for a wide variety of exotic sea creatures.

The bay is also a place where you can go fishing, surfing or – if you are in the right season – you can watch whales playing in the water, so it is worth checking the right time to go if this is your intention.

Your Puerto Vallarta Villa

The sheer choice of vacation rentals is amazing, so whether you are looking for one to sleep two or four people, or bigger accommodation for perhaps 12, there is something for you, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices, too. You can choose from self-catering or part-catered accommodation, and there are many locations along the bay to choose from, so you will find something in your budget and with all the amenities you could possibly want.

Check out the many Puerto Vallarta villa rentals now, and see how you can afford a luxurious holiday in this truly exotic and exciting resort.