My Day-dreaming Plans for a Spa Holiday

There’s no question that a daily beauty routine is essential. That’s why I’m always hunting for the best products to use. But there’s one thing better than keeping up my regular regime. And that’s getting to pamper myself. Going for a trip to a salon or a local spa is always a treat, but even better than that is going on a pampering holiday. It’s easier to go on a luxury holiday than it’s ever been. And one of the best ways to spend your time away has to be in a spa hotel. I don’t have any plans for a spa holiday at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming. So here’s how I would plan the most luxurious, relaxing spa break out there.

Picking a Destination

Where to go, where to go? Maybe the country isn’t that important when you choose a spa holiday, but I’ve thought about what sort of place I would want. A spa in the Alps in the middle of winter is going to be pretty different to one on a beach in Turkey. But there are benefits to both of those options. When you’re fed up of being freezing, getting away to be pampered sounds like luxury. I could go somewhere with proper snow, instead of just rain, and watch it out the window while I’m all snug inside. On the other hand, getting a massage as I lie on the beach sounds like bliss.


Thomas Wanhoff

Find a Great Deal

Sometimes I really need to get away from it all but, as our parents like to say, I’m not made of money! A luxurious spa break can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, there are lots of great deal sites available. If you want to treat yourself, you can find tonnes of fantastic offers in minutes. You might have better luck looking for a cheap, all-inclusive package if you’re less picky about where to go. Turkey, Greece, the Caribbean – who cares as long as it’s relaxing?

Look at Different Treatments

The available treatments are important too. There’s no way I’m going anywhere if I can’t get a facial and relax in a hot tub! Spa hotels can vary a lot, with some offering all the usual treatments and others go above and beyond. Some places will have entire health and wellness programmes to help you get your life on track. They’ll even give you meal and exercise plans so you can get healthy. Sometimes I think I could do with something like that!

Pack the Essentials

Onto what to pack: probably just a bikini and a book, right? Even though the hotel will probably provide robes and slippers, I should probably take some actual clothes. You need to get dressed to eat, after all. But I would definitely keep my luggage light and reduce both my clothes and beauty items to a few essentials.

After thinking about it properly, a spa holiday is starting to sound better and better. Where’s my passport…