Mobile Security Tool Great for Traveling AbroadTool Great for Traveling Abroad


The AVG antivirus is a fabulous download that will assist you in protecting your device when you’re traveling abroad. You can easily be opened up to viruses, malware, and other problems when traveling so it’s great to have peace of mind that your information is protected. Below you’ll find a few security features that you’re sure to love when you use this free anti virus app.

Safe Wi-Fi Connections

You never know what you’re signing onto when you connect to a wireless Wi-Fi system. Hackers can get into the system and have you go to a different page to sign in while you’re unaware anything is unsecured. The AVG antivirus app will scan these connections and look for weaknesses in the system. It will also inform you if you’re signing into an unsecure page and will reroute you to save you from having problems later on.

Safe Downloads

When you decide to download an app or file, you may unknowingly be downloading a virus or malware to your mobile device. By downloading the AVG app, you can protect your phone while you’re in the states or abroad. It will scan all downloads before you install them and inform you if it is safe or if you should steer clear.

Track Your Phone

Losing your phone abroad can cause you a huge hassle. With the AVG app you can use Google Maps to track your phone and locate it before you leave the area. It also allows you access to lock your phone remotely should you feel it cannot be recovered.

Security You Can Count On

Whether you’re in the states or you’re traveling around the world, the free antivirus for android app download has you covered. From tracking your phone to helping it run more efficiently, AVG has your best interest in mind.