Lose yourself happily at Montreal, Quebec

If cities are good for something, it is the cathartic effect of walking past towering skyscrapers and mesmerizing shops with nothing to worry about. Cities are synonymous for work; what if you simply walk past those offices and imagine being retired? That’s a whole different story, but sometimes fantasies are not too difficult to realize. Welcome to the sprawling city of Montreal, the second biggest metropolis of the province of Quebec. If you speak French, wouldn’t you just love Montreal. Feel like you are on Paris as you practice your awkward French; sooner or later you will speak better so why not stay longer in Montreal? Your choice.

One tip should you decide to drive a rental car; the Montreal people have a different orientation with the typical north and south directions. The simplest way to navigate the streets and waypoints of the city is to use the river and the mountain as reference points as the locals do. Nonetheless, a trusted GPS will do just fine, else you can just take the subway or the bus but walking by far is the best way to go around downtown and the streets of the Old Montreal. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa with you for an incredible and hassle free fun adventure.

Walking the quaint streets of Old Montreal is simply breathtaking, the perfect way to reminisce old memories. This part of Montreal hosts various historic buildings built as early as the 17th and 19th century. The museums are perfectly lit at night and so do the other buildings. Think about romance with the backdrop of classical wonder world, this is Old Montreal.

If you’re up for some shopping on fascinating shops, head to the Le Plateau sporting scenic residential streets and chic shops with splendid restaurants too.

Downtown Montreal can be a sucker for biting cold so the locals built about 30 kilometers of underground pass that connects several buildings on top, an ingenious way to escape the icy streets for those who fancy walking. The underground pass is safe and filed with arcades and malls; you’ll never feel alone. In the surface you’ll see towering skyscrapers almost touching the skies or you can go inside one of the churches with historical significance. There are also museums exhibiting fascinating works of art created by the locals and some world famous collections too.

Perhaps, nothing beats the thrill of exploring Montreal by practically participating on the Amazing Race Montreal, a self-guided tour pointing to Montreal’s most interesting sites.

One of the other famed activities for the tourists is touring the casinos. They will siphon your wealth like a blackhole trust me, but if you feel like being a whale, be my guest. They have fascinating games and the most popular one is the Casino de Montréal which is also frequently visited by VIPs – kind of makes it uneasy to show your poker face if you happen to admire the person next to you.

Have fun.