Key Questions to Ask Before Booking Holiday Accommodation

Not everyone can afford luxury hotel rates when traveling. It’s just as well that alternative accommodation has become as popular as it has in recent times. The option of staying in a cheaper rental can mean more funds for your holiday, and less worrying about having a roof over your head. Not all rentals are created equally, however. Unfortunately, due to the nature of alternative accommodation, there is no governing body. No set regulations. No guarantees.

That’s why it’s imperative that you do your homework when choosing a place to stay. Not only that, but you need to know exactly what you’re looking for, and red flags to avoid. Don’t know where to start? Fear not. There are a couple of key questions you should ask before committing to a rental property. Following them will help you avoid disappointment, so that your holiday is a roaring success.

Are There Pictures of the Accommodation?

While it may not be set in stone, generally speaking, the better holiday rentals will have pictures readily available. If there are bits cropped out, you have to ask why. What don’t they want you to see? You can make a pretty sound assumption based on the clarity of their photos. Study them meticulously to see if there are any things that might put you off once you arrive.


Can I Scan the Perimeter?

In the golden age of the connected digital world, it’s easier than ever to check places out. Applications such as Google Earth make it possible to view properties all around the world. That way, you can spot any potential problems before you even take off. Things to look out for include potential noise disturbances, like nearby nightclubs.

Does It Have Third Party Support?

This is a key component to look out for. Your best bet for finding vacation home rentals is to check third party sites. While there may not be any standards and practices, they do a pretty good job at filtering the well-meaning from the chancers. You can be sure that any rental property on such classified sites will have to, at least, keep up appearances to maintain their spot.

How Close Will I Be to Local Amenities?

This can be key. You don’t want to be too close to the local nightlife, but then again, you certainly want to be within walking distance. Finding out where you’ll be located in comparison to the areas you’ll be looking to frequent is crucial. You don’t want any nasty surprises, like finding out you’ll have to take a taxi just to go buy a bottle of water.

What is the Feedback Like?

While you can’t put too much stock in online reviews anymore, thanks to the trend of fake reviews, it is a reasonable guide. You can find all kinds of reviews online, and some go into more detail than others. You can use other people’s experiences to gauge your own decisions. You’ll be able to find out exactly what is good or bad about a particular property. At least, then you can’t say you weren’t warned!