How To Sleep Well While Travelling

One of the most important factors of booking accommodation during your travels is making sure you get a great night’s sleep where you stay. The quality of the sleep you get can have a massive impact on you overall well-being.

Here are just some of the health benefits that a good night’s sleep can have for any traveller.

Strong bedding materials

The hotel bed linen you use is an important part of getting a good sleep. Ensuring the use of good materials at the accommodation you stay in is a useful way to maintain a healthy sleep, but is too often overlooked by seasoned travellers and newbies alike.

If possible, try to stay in places where cotton blend sheets and other high quality hotel bedspreads  with high thread count are provided, as these materials have natural properties that allow the fabric to “breathe” in a way that will ensure you stay cool in the warmer climates you visit, while also remaining warm in the colder areas you travel.

Here are just some of the health benefits that a good night’s sleep can provide to all travellers.

Improve overall health

Falling sick while travelling is an experience that can cause financial difficulties and communication issues in a foreign land; not to mention wasting your travel time. A good whole sleep can help prevent such occurrences.

This doesn’t mean that sleep can prevent illness outright, but it will certainly help combat the physical and mental strain caused by stress while travelling. The experience of travelling is made much easier when you are well rested, and has long been known to  significantly reduce health problems, such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity.

Sleep reduces pain

As exciting as travelling is, it does come with a number of uncomfortable occurrences, such as relying on long plane journeys, long waiting times in airport lounges and bumpy bus journeys, all of which can result in aches and pains of varying severity.

There are studies that have proven a connection between sleep loss and having a lower pain threshold, meaning that a full night’s sleep can actually make you hurt less

Sleep improves your mood
Seeing the world is great, but those long flights and waiting times will only serve to make an already difficult situation even worse if you haven’t had sufficient sleep beforehand. Of course a good night’s sleep isn’t going to provide you with a flowery mood 24/7, but it will certainly help relax your mood during these awkward instances.

Sleep helps judgement

No matter where you travel, you have to be alert and prepared for the difficulties and inevitable responsibilities you face, such as keeping track of travelling schedules and vital personal effects belongings (passports). Sleep loss can affect your thinking by impairing your cognition, attention, and decision-making skills.

Studies exploring the science of sleep have found that sleep deprivation can also cause judgement errors in everyday logical and mathematical judgement, such as spending decisions. You’re also more likely to be forgetful and lethargic without a good night’s sleep, thereby hindering you performance during potentially vital travel necessities like driving a car.


Be certain to get a strong night’s wherever you’re travelling. You’ll definitely feel the benefits.