Hong Kong Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds

Hong Kong makes an excellent honeymoon destination for couples wanting the excitement of the big city life along with a diverse cultural experience. There are various influences in Hong Kong from many parts of the world, and it acts as Asia’s international hub for some of the world’s most influential countries. It is one of the largest tourism and business destinations in China for the mainland population, and it is rich in history. The city features several types of artistic, spiritual and educational venues that are truly remarkable to experience. With a host of museums, temples, galleries, parks and a bustling business environment, Hong Kong is filled with seemingly endless opportunities to explore and admire.

On the Water

For honeymooners, many couples spend their honeymoon at an island getaway, but these locations offer only that type of experience. When taking a break from the busier aspects of Hong Kong, the area’s bays and beaches are a favorite spot for honeymooners; Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay are famous places to enjoy the sun and water, and South Bay Beach provides seclusion. Lamma Island offers its shorelines in addition to villages to stop for romantic dinners. Visitors can also spend the day strolling along its grassy hills. Tai Long Wan Beach in Sai Kung is known for its breathtaking scenery.

On the Streets

Hong Kong is known around the world for its bustling city markets, and it can be thought of as one large shopping center. The area is filled with stores, booths and restaurants to satiate nearly any need while also piquing curiosities in those willing to be more adventurous. The streets are filled with bright colors and bursting with energy; therefore, most visitors never find a dull moment. Hong Kong night markets provide an abundance of things to dine on and enjoy; well-known markets such as Temple Street Night Market or Ladies’ Market offer a variety of items for sale; from clothing, bags, accessories, shoes to knock-off items and delicious must-try local Hong Kong cuisine.


When not exploring all the city has to offer, resting up for the next day’s adventures is highly significant. Picking the right place is essential in order to have a truly enjoyable vacation. Novotel Kowloon Nathan Road is located right in the center of the area’s commercial district with easy access to shopping and dining. The hotel features an excellent concierge service, foreign currency exchange booth, and complimentary Wi-Fi in public areas within the hotel. Additionally, Novotel Kowloon provides a modern bar, the Tasca Bar and The Square restaurant, featuring a wide range of international buffet.

Among the Elements

Aside from the bays and beaches, Hong Kong is home to many romantic spots among the natural surroundings. Couples can go for a stroll or spend the day among the hills overlooking the sea. There are several parks and hiking trails around the area to relax or take in the beauty of nature. Kowloon Park along Nathan Road offers its own history along with the backdrop of live music performers. The park also features lakes, fountains, a swimming pool and aviary.

Hong Kong is one of the most celebrated and renowned tourist stops in the continent, and it provides a unique alternative to many other couples’ choices for honeymoons. It features constant festivals and cultural events to enrich one’s vacation experience along with numerous culinary adventures. Hong Kong offers a bustling economic environment along with a buzzing nightlife. The unique and fascinating city provides a blend of history, innovation and the beauty of nature all in one place.