The Growing Popularity of the Road Trip Style Holiday

In spite of the fact budget airlines are now commonplace, flying to all kinds of interesting destinations for very low fares, more and more people are seeing the appeal of a road trip style holiday instead of flying. Road trips have long been an established style of holiday in the USA, where there are plenty of long roads passing through unusual places that adventurous travellers have a lot of fun discovering. Now, however, a growing number of people are experiencing the UK or European road trip adventure, and choosing it over more conventional types of holiday. Here we look at why:

Road Trips Can Be Cheaper

You may wonder how anything could be cheaper as a means of going on holiday than those flight deals you often see advertised, offering to take you to Barcelona, Rome, or some other fantastic sounding location for mere tens of pounds. However, these ticket prices are inclusive of nothing at all, and are only one way. When you add up the cost of the tickets to and from your destination, plus the cost of getting to the airports (budget airlines notoriously fly to airports that are actually nowhere near the centre of the city you think you are going to, as anyone who has been to Frankfurt Hahn airport will tell you – it is about as far from Frankfurt as it is possible to be without being in space), then the cost of carrying luggage and so on, the budget flight suddenly looks a lot less cheap. If you are traveling as a family or party of say, four people, each cost then has to be multiplied, and suddenly you are looking at a fairly hefty bill.

With a road trip, costs are far more visible and it doesn’t cost much more to take four people than it does to go by yourself. Certainly, you need a car and you need fuel, but other than that the only costs you face are those you would face on any kind of holiday – accommodation, food, shopping and so on. Even if you don’t currently have a car to use for your trip, you can visit Gumtree or other similar sites and easily get a good deal on a cheap second hand car, or you can even use a hire car for your whole holiday.

You Can See More, and at Your Own Pace

Think how much you miss of the places you could be passing through when you fly above them at 500 miles an hour. On the road, you can see everything, passing through interesting new places, and stopping off at your leisure whenever somewhere catches your eye. With a road trip, getting to destinations is as much a part of the fun as the things you do when you get there, and that is a very appealing prospect for a lot of people.

Whether you want to go abroad or see more of the UK, a road trip can be a cost effective and fun way to do it, and this is why it is becoming the preferred choice for all kinds of different British holidaymakers.

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