Flights to Paris: How to Score a Great Deal

So you want to travel to Paris and enjoy all it has to offer?

Take a look at how to score the best deal on your flight and start your trip on the right foot!

Look for cheap flights online

With today’s access to the internet, it’s easy to find cheap airline tickets to Paris online.

Try looking for offers from national carriers like Air France and compare the offers based on flight options and dates.

Be flexible with travel dates

If you’re not bound to traveling on specific dates, you can use this flexibility to your advantage to find better deals.

Airplane tickets vary in cost depending on the day of the week, month and popularity of flights. Sometimes, changing a flight by just a few days can have a huge impact on price and save you hundreds.

Play with dates for both departure and return flights and find the best deal to make the most out of your trip.

Fly off-season

Paris is an immensely popular tourist destination. So much so, that it leads the way in international tourist arrivals.

There are thousands of flights to Paris every day, but with almost 90 million tourists per year, they get overbooked on busy seasons, so prices go up.

If you want more affordable flights, look into flying to Paris on off-season, around November through March.

You can still enjoy the beautiful city and all it has to offer without the crowds or high airplane ticket costs.

Use search engines

Search engines are your friend when trying to find good deals for flights.

By searching for keywords like ‘flights Atlanta Paris’ search engines will do the hard work for you and find outgoing flights and prices.

Then, you can review the results and see if there’s anything relevant to dig into.

Sign up for frequent flier programs

Airline rewards programs are a great way to build up toward free flights, upgrades and discounts. No matter how much you fly, you should sign up to a reward program.

Some reward programs are not airline-specific but among all alliance partners. For example, Flying Blue is the reward program for KLM, Air France, Kenya Airways and more. Any time you use one of these airlines, you pick up reward points.

You can also earn miles through credit cards, online shopping, special offers and more.

Book early

Airline fares rise the closer you get to departure, so you want to buy tickets at a point when the price is still not too high.

Try to avoid booking at the last minute, and instead purchase anything from 6-8 weeks before your departure or 3 months if you’re flying in peak season.