Egg Donation in Europe – Which Country to Choose?


In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation has been more and more popular due to increasing problems of infertility and growing awareness of treatment methods. Recently it gains lots of supporters to consider having the procedure abroad, outside your own country. There are many reasons to it – clinics in various places of the world differ from each other in the range of available treatment options, in prices of the cycle, efficacy rates achieved on average, and often in the quality of medical care offered by it. In general the terms and conditions of In Vitro Fertilization abroad can be far more suitable for the patients than in any clinic situated in their country and that is why numbers of couples who choose treatment in more or less distant places are continuously growing. With increasing availability of medical services in different locations the only issue remaining is the necessity of choosing where to go for the treatment. Here are some cues to help you make an informed decision.

Diagnosis of your needs

Once the patient is diagnosed with certain infertility issue the recommendation is a particular treatment. Depending on the type of condition or genesis of lowered procreation capacities the choice of procedure can vary. With an advice to undergo specific therapy the patient can start searching for place for IVF or other treatment. For example the doctor’s decision to order In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation narrows down the range of possible destinations due to legal constraint in some countries where using third party cells is prohibited or because of other types of limitations causing lack of egg donation option in clinic’s offer. The same goes with availability of pre-implantation diagnosis and sex selection. Also knowing what is the specific procedure patients need to go through, they know the whole scope of it and can compare the parameters such as prices, success rates, waiting lists etc. in case of this particular procedure.

Choosing country first

The choice of high-quality clinics is enormous worldwide so it might be also good to preselect the country or group of countries and then pick the best option for treatment from it. The argument of using treatment options in a certain country can be popularity of this place. Among the most popular places for In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation is Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Ukraine, Cyprus, Hungary or Poland. They all have their pros and cons. For example many couples choose Spain or Greece due to broad choice of clinics, high success rates and facilities adjusted to international patients. However it is not as cheap as IVF in Poland, Ukraine or Hungary where best clinics are no worse than Spanish or Greek ones or in fact any other but the price potential parents need to pay can be half as much. On the other hand many patients decide to go to more tropical places in order to combine their treatment with well-deserved holidays. Then Mediterranean locations will be more popular than more Northern colder places. However for those who face the necessity of multiple visits cheaper and less distant countries can be far more reasonable choice.

So which is the best?

There is not one answer to it. There are many equally advantageous choices especially including individual needs and preferences. Each couple needs to consider what is the most important for them and make a personal decision. However the good news is that everyone can find something for themselves – among most popular destinations for In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation there are facilities of the great quality of medical care that meet desired criteria set by each patient. For example if you value more the opportunity to spend time in rather tropical places or wish to visit mid-European big city with its splendour or favour any other type of place for having IVF in, you would decide on certain place in Europe accordingly. There are different price ranges of services in different places so it is up to you how much you are ready to spend on the treatment. The same goes with distances that you would possibly cover or time you are willing to spend for the procedure. Fortunately no matter the personal preferences regarding the place for the treatment there are excellent clinics in every country and for each couple there is a choice of top-class facilities in all the groups based on different criteria set by patients.

Tough choice

It is not an easy decision where to go for In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation and it is necessary to consider all of the pros and cons of particular treatment destination. Especially choosing among nearly equal is difficult so in order to facilitate the decision-making process there has been developed an efficient tool allowing to search through available clinics and pick the one with the highest notes. This tool is a Best Egg Donation Clinics Ranking created by Egg Donation Friends in order to sort the huge amount of data on different countries and clinics in them as well as to allow comparison between particular facilities based on chosen criteria such as the advancement of technology used in the clinic, the level of doctors’ experience or success rates. Using the ranking you can choose truly the best clinic for you. To access the database and the ranking visit Egg Donation Friends helps you make the best choice!