Until relatively recently, an African safari was affordable only to the wealthy. Nowadays you can find many tour operators offering a variety of options. Africa4US is one of the leading names in safari tours – and other African holidays – and has a reputation for top quality tours involving some of the most amazing locations in Africa. They have already taken many satisfied customers on quite wonderful tours to this diverse and welcoming continent, and are acknowledge experts in the business.

These are not the usual run of the mill African safari packages, but rather something very special indeed. For example, you can take a tour that combines the wild and wonderful sights and sounds of the bush, where you will camp outside in the open air and enjoy watching rare and exotic animals in their natural habitat, plus time spent in one of the wonderful beach destinations, perhaps the exciting and very beautiful island of Zanzibar, and exclusive and unspoilt island paradise.

Vast and Glorious Namibia

If culture and history are your thing, we recommend you take a look at one of the African safari vacations that include Namibia. One of the largest countries in Africa, it is home to the ancient Namib Desert – reputed to be the oldest in the world – where you can gaze in wonder at the largest sand dunes on Earth. It is in Namibia where the famous San people – African bushmen – have lived for more than 10,000 years, and you can find out more about their fascinating history and unique culture on your tour.

As with many African countries, Namibia is famous for its wildlife, and one of the most diverse and spectacular places to view wild, rare and endangered animals in their natural habitat is the Etosha National Park. Here, you may watch as elephants roam the plains, or experience a pride of lions, a sight never to be forgotten. You may be lucky enough to spot a white rhinoceros – one of the rarest animals on the planet – or the most elusive of the African big cats, the wonderful and startlingly beautiful leopard.

Enjoying the Real Africa

The African bush is like nowhere else on the planet, and you can enjoy it to the full on one of the many tours from Africa4US. Nothing beats camping out under the glorious African night sky, and there is a magical feeling to the whole experience. Whether you choose to take an exciting safari package, or combine your visit with the wonderful beaches of the island paradise of Zanzibar or the Atlantic coast of Namibia, Africa4US are the people to talk to for the very best in the African experience.

There is something for everyone in Africa – from the stunning deserts to the wonderful Great Lakes – so we recommend you take a long look at the Africa4US website as the choice is will be a difficult one to make! Have a look now, and treat you and your family to a dream safari holiday of a lifetime visiting some of the most amazing places in the world.