Design ideas for your holiday home in the sun

A holiday home should feel like a haven, the perfect escape from the rat race. But it also needs to function on a practical level so the important elements such as cleaning, durability of fixtures and fittings and visitor comfort are kept in sharp focus. A holiday home that you rent out to others will need to stand out in a crowd. Make sure you accentuate the positive features your holiday home boasts, and minimise any weak points.

The view

Many people make decisions on holiday rentals based on location and the view from the property. Maximize all views by keeping window treatments streamlined and simple. When the view is the home’s biggest asset, allow it to work its magic.

Holiday living

A spacious living and dining area is essential for the long, lazy lunches of your vacation days. Select furnishings that suit the scale of the room. Large over-sized pieces will make it feel cramped.

Using a pastel palette that echoes the surrounding landscape always looks elegant. Beach-side properties with slate greys, pale greens, blues and sandy hues have a natural, rustic feel in tune with the environment. Provide plenty of seating for large family groups, bean bags, stools, dual-purpose storage Ottomans and fold away chairs are all good to have on standby.

Beautiful bathrooms

Bathrooms in holiday homes need to provide a balance of comfort, luxury and practicality. They are often the busiest rooms in the house with guests showering off regularly after the beach or other outdoor activities. Create a summery, sunny vibe using deck chair fabric for curtains, and use nautical accessories such as old ship lanterns in waterfront properties. Shells, pebbles and driftwood from beach combing expeditions work well as simple ornaments, laid out along window sills or in corner display cupboards.

Deep sleeper

Holidays are all about getting rest so the bedroom needs to be a winner. Dress an extremely comfortable bed with the finest linens available. A tranquil décor with layered palette and minimal pattern is most restful. Create a sensual and welcoming atmosphere for guests by placing crystal vases in bedrooms and filling them with fresh, fragrant tea roses. Provide adequate storage for clothes, shoes and toiletries. Bedrooms with private spaces to read a book or just contemplate the view are prized. Consider placing regional art on the walls. Paintings that reflect local scenes are especially successful in capturing the imagination of visitors.

Under a big sky

A holiday home needs outdoor space. It could be a small balcony, terrace or full sized garden, but somewhere in the fresh air is always a hit. Whether it’s a place for breakfast in the sunshine or gin and tonics at dusk, being outdoors is what holidays are all about. Another popular feature of many homes in the sun are outdoor showers. Check if you have the space and plumbing for such decadence.

Once you get the basics of your design working, you can focus on the special details and personal touches that make your holiday home stand out in the crowd. And whether your vacation place is a rental project or for your own personal use, you’ll know when you’ve got it right.