City Breaks for you to Explore

City breaks are an excellent way to explore in a short period of time what a country has to offer. There are so many cities to choose it can be daunting, however, the ones in Europe remain some of the most popular. Whether you want to visit for a night, a weekend or longer, these cities offer many exciting things to see and do whilst visiting.

Paris remains the city of love and is world famous for being the home of romance, and continues to attract millions of visitors every year. This city is considered to be a top choice in Europe, and there is plenty to see and do regardless of your budget. You can spend the day sightseeing, exploring the magnificent architecture, and the evening relaxing experiencing the divine cuisine.

Amsterdam has a reputation as a party venue for youngsters; however, there is so much more to this city. There are world famous coffee shops, impressive buildings, and fascinating canals to explore. This city has become a Mecca for tourists as the relaxed atmosphere encourages you to let your hair down and enjoy what is on offer.

Rome is the ideal place to visit if you want a weekend away enjoying a cultural experience. There are so many different places to explore you may feel overwhelmed. However, you must not miss the Colosseum, which is stunning. Food is another factor to visit Rome as the Italians are world famous for their cooking abilities. You can enjoy fresh, local produce served up in an authentic Italian style.

Dublin remains the most popular city in Ireland to visit, and you may visit as a stranger, but you will return home leaving friends behind. Low cost airlines have helped to make Dublin a distinct front runner when it comes to city breaks. The people are friendly, the culture playful and the natural beauty wonderful. The city is incredibly tourist orientated, but this can be fun, and there are always opportunities to join in the “craic”

London is a busy city regardless of when you choose to visit, with many historical landmarks, and old fashioned buildings, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. Whether you want to hop on a tour bus, explore the attractions, or visit Oxford Street for the shopping you will never tire of London. After a busy day in the city, you can head back to your hotel, go online and check out the Euro Palace latest promotions.

Barcelona is a city of mystery and until recently was not considered one of the top city breaks in Europe. However, it is fast growing in popularity, and more people than ever before are deciding that this is the best place to visit for the weekend. Seeped in thousands of years of history, you will enjoy exploring the old Gothic quarters. Sporting fans also love visiting the city, and a trip around the stadium is a must do event, regardless of who you support.





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