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Lower East Side

Things to Do on Lower East Side – The Lively Neighbourhood in New York

New York’s Lower East Side experienced a surge of popularity in the early nineteenth and twentieth century and gradually became the home for European immigrants. Lower East Side is a very popular area and acclaimed for its happening and lively culture, premium nightlife, booming bars and clubs. The area truly defines the phrase “the city […]

Holiday home décor that fits perfectly into your surroundings

A holiday home provides the perfect place to relax and unwind, as well as easy access to local attractions. Carefully choosing home décor can help to create the perfect holiday home. When decorating your holiday home, you may wish to think about your surroundings, as that local flavour will help to influence your design choices. […]

Northumberland: Discover the Undiscovered

Despite its wealth of natural beauty, fascinating historical monuments, golden beaches, miles of stunning trekking routes, world-class golf courses, hidden treasures and some of the best salmon fishing in the world, not many visitors to England venture to the far north-east of country. But one man’s loss is another’s gain. As a result the region […]

The 3 Best Resorts For An All Inclusive Holiday In Cyprus

Cyprus is a famous Mediterranean destination with terrific sandy beaches, stunning mountain sceneries and sunny weather. Cyprus all inclusive holidays have everything anyone could want in a holiday, unrivalled nightlife, popular beaches, the convenience of airports within easy reach and resorts near major attractions and numerous opportunities for adventure. Here are some recommendations from Cyprus […]

3 Stops For A Luxury Tour Of China

China is one of the countries in the world undergoing such dynamic changes that are not only curving futuristic skyline, but as an upcoming superpower, it is helping define the future of the whole world. However, it has some incredible ancient sights, which stand beside its futuristic accomplishments in such perfect harmony. Its natural diversities […]

WWI Celebrations in France (Verdun)

Universal capital of The First World War, Verdun was the hotspot of the greatest battle the 20th century has ever seen. Destroyed villages, combat sites, museums, memorials and re-enactments bear testimony to the scale and the destructiveness of the war, as well as of the valour and intrepidity of the city’s defenders. The German offensive […]

Top 3 US Cities You Must Visit This Summer

After five years of a stifled economy and an incredibly unstable job market, things are finally beginning to look a little more promising in 2014. This is cause for celebration, as it means our heads are likely to stay above water for the next decade or so, until the bankers get things wrong again, and the […]