Can’t Go? Let Entertainment Come to You!


Have you ever wanted to go so bad… but you simply couldn’t make it? No matter if it was your health, your budget or your busy schedule inconsistent with your travel plans, the feeling is, well, painful. Luckily, modern technology has solutions for you not to feel too bad about this. Although they are the “next best thing” at best, they can be an alternative to ease the disappointment a bit over any missed experiences.

Can’t make it to that Vegas trip?

We’ve already shown you how MyVegas can ease the burden on your budget on a Vegas vacation, but what if you can’t make it to the Sin City? The All Slots Casino, at, is here to help!

The All Slots Casino offers you a complete casino experience over the internet, and you won’t even have to leave the house for it. Or, if you do, you can take it with you in your pocket through the handy All Slots Mobile Casino app. The All Slots Casino has a library of games that can put any Vegas gaming destination to shame, with over 750 titles you can play at home, or more than 100 to explore on the go. Not to mention the fact that it’s completely secure – you won’t even risk losing your wallet, or even a penny, while there.

Besides, playing at the All Slots Casino can be a truly complete casino experience, since you can truly put your money on the line – and win!

Can’t make it to that concert?

Let the concert come to you! Not literally, of course – but with the help of the internet, and video streaming technology.

New York-based company Qello has proposed to create a Netflix for musical content – and they nailed it. For a flat monthly fee of $7.99, or a yearly subscription of $69.99, Qello offers its customers full access to its amazing collection of concerts and music documentaries, often materials that you can’t find anywhere else. Qello allows you to relive the best moments of music history, with recordings from as early as the 1920s, to completely personalize your musical experience and even discover new content – all this on the device of your choice, from smart TVs to smartphones.

VR will soon bring far away places to you

While this is still something yet to be created, I’m sure it will become real sooner rather than later: virtual travel.

The technology, which will allow users to see far away places without actually being there, might hit the market in the near future. With it, would-be travelers will be able to explore cities far away, see their life in real time, through the eyes of an action camera worn by an actual traveler, or even a drone flying over the city. All this in an amazingly immersive fashion, offering the illusion of actually being there.

VR will soon allow us to explore the depths of the ocean or the highest peaks of the world while comfortably sitting at home. And all this at the fraction of the cost.