Camper van break in Cornwall: Top tips

Cornwall offers some of the most attractive scenery in Britain. It is also the place for a host of activities that stretch from the water sports on the coast to the more rugged pursuits of rock climbing on Bodmin Moor.

Much of this treasure trove is ideally explored by camper van which offers a flexible and manageable means of transport, but also comfortable accommodation at nightly stopovers.

The following offer a few tips and suggestions about your next camper van break in Cornwall …

I don’t own a camper van!

Rather than that simple fact standing in the way of your enjoying the adventure, freedom and comfort of campervanning, why not just hire one? You might save yourself the hefty investment and sidestep the hassles of owning, maintaining and storing a camper van simply by hiring one as and when you need it.

The convenience of hiring

Far from hiring being the resort only of those wanting to experiment or try out the joys of campervanning, camper van hire tends to attract people who do so time after time, for a succession of weekend breaks or main holidays.

It is not just the vehicle itself, but all the kit and equipment that invariably goes with it – when you hire a fully fitted and kitted out camper van, everything you need is likely to be on hand – meaning you simply turn up at the camper van hire centre in Cornwall, leave your car and take off behind the wheel of whatever camper van you may have chosen.

Talking of choice

You may be surprised to discover the huge range of camper vans to choose from – smaller to larger, conventionally or more imaginatively laid out and providing comfortable accommodation for just a couple of adults or a small family. In fact,

if you are new to the delights of campervanning you might even be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of vehicles.

To help you decide on the features most likely to suit you and your requirements, therefore, you might want to do a little online research about some of the principal considerations – the advice to potential buyers given by the Camping and Caravanning Club or by Campervan Life, provides just as reliable suggestions for those about to hire a camper van.

Key considerations

When making your choice of vehicle, give careful thought to how you are planning to use it – principally as a touring vehicle, for instance, with a number of short overnight stops, or as the main base for a holiday on which you want a comfortable, but still mobile, place to stay for several days.

Size is an important consideration, since it may determine the number of people who can be accommodated, affect the manoeuvrability – along Cornwall’s narrow winding lanes – and have an impact on fuel costs.

Finally, it is worth noting that the majority of small to medium-sized camper vans are less than 3,500 kg in weight and can therefore be driven on your normal car-driving licence.

So, whether you want to give campervanning a try or are already a seasoned practitioner, hiring a camper van in Cornwall may open up all manner of previously undiscovered corners of this green and endlessly fascinating Duchy.