The Best Things To Do In Tennessee

Tennessee is a travel must. Quite simply, it is the home of music, jazz, classical, country and western. It’s also the home of Elvis, Dolly Parton, the Jack Daniels Distillery and museums galore on the Civil Rights Movement. In short, if you love fine music, good alcohol and culture, you will love Tennessee.

While Tennessee may not have the hip, happening feel of New York, or the relaxed vibe of California, its deep-south charm is not to be missed. Put aside any preconceived ideas you may have about it and immerse yourself into a world of beauty, music and old time vibes.

Think long, scorching summers, less than mild winters and a smattering of snow on the peaks of mountains. Tennessee is the perfect travel destination. It has it all; a stunning landscape and a vibrant nightlife.

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The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A national park and World Heritage UNESCO site, this truly is a national park worth visiting and is heralded as America’s most visited national park. Home to remarkable wildlife, diversity of plants and the home of ancient mountains. Animals on the park include black bears, elk, salamanders and a whole host of birds. The Great Smoky Mountains shouldn’t just be on your holiday to-do list, it should be on your bucket list.


You simply could not organise a trip to Tennesse without visiting the home of the King of rock n roll. The palatial home of the King is open to the public and is a must for any dedicated music fan. Revel in the wonder of the Kings home and learn a little bit more about the marvel that is Elvis Presley.


Even more musical treats for the country and western lover is Dollywood. A family amusement park set up by the great Dolly Parton herself. As with every good amusement park, it features classic attractions, a water park, white knuckle rides, shows and entertainment as well as eateries. For a truly authentic experience, there are a number of cabins near Dollywood, for you to relax and immerse yourself into the local culture

National Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum takes a step away from the glitz and glamour of the music scene and delves into the history of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The sad but triumphant history of the movement is documented in exhibit form and is a must-see for every history buff.

LP Field

For the sports aficionado, a trip to the LP Field is vital. The LP Field is home to the Tennessee Titans American football team. The stadium has seating for up to 69000 people that is not only use in sport, but used for open air music events and the like. As well as watching football games, there are country and western music events held at the site, combining the states love of two things: sports and music.

It’s fair to say that this unique state holds something for everyone. Visit Tennessee: The Volunteer State. Y’all would be crazy not to go!

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