The Best Places to Travel by RV in the Summer of 2017


Even though one of the easiest ways to get a proper taste of a local culture is to set up shop and reside there for a period of time. It is not the easiest process to buy and sell a home each time you feel a travel bug coming on. Owning or renting an RV provides a great alternative to flying or driving a regular car. Especially on the long trips, having an RV with a full and comfortable bed and other RV accessories can make a world of difference on an extended vacation. Hotels are great options, but nothing beats having the familiarity and creature comforts of home. Here are some great locations which are fun yet RV friendly.

The Black Hills of South Dakota

One of the most iconic symbols of the Union can be found carved into the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial was originally intended to pay homage to the American West heroes and attract tourists to South Dakota. Thankfully the idea of marketing was not lost on the developers and four presidents were chosen instead. Since this land was first occupied by the Lakota and other Native American tribes, be sure to visit the Sioux Museum and the developing Crazy Horse Memorial before going to the next location.

Yellowstone National Park

This incredibly beautiful park has the unique location of being precisely positioned over a volcano. Having a power source with such immense power creates a large number of colorful hot springs, mud pots, and geysers.

There is no way to visit Yellowstone and not see Old Faithful so called because since 1870 every 44-125 minutes, it erupts. This reliability can be attributed to it having its’ own thermal features compared to the connectivity of the other geysers.

Cape Cod

Located just an hour outside Boston, Cape Cod is a quiet town that doubles as an island packed with activities.

While at Cape Cod, be sure to check out the nation’s premier amateur basketball league. If that is really not for you, there are many water or nature based activities to participate in. Along the coast are many artists, galleries, and displays which justify Provincetown being famously known as America’s oldest active art colony.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Human life is important to the continuation of the species, but you never truly realize how vast the world around you is until the Grand Canyon is visited.

Standing on the edge of one of the many cliffs will truly be a breathtaking experience. When you truly see the large expanse of earth and think on the other planets of the galaxy, one can only imagine the relief of that land and the beauty to be discovered there.

When visiting the Grand Canyon, a great traveling tip is to avoid the usually crowded South Rim gateway or you will have more than four million tourists to cut through. Instead, visit the Tuweep access point at the North Rim and enjoy the sounds of the Colorado River.



Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.