What are the Best Games to Play While on the Move


Picture the scene; you are travelling on arduous family road-trip with your family, with the deafening silence the only thing more tedious than the bleak surroundings. You are desperate to break the monotony, so you decide to suggest playing a number of games to help pass the time.

5 Great Games to play while on the Move

The question is, what games do you play? There are a number of travelling staples, for example, many of which require you to use your imagination and creativity. Then we have the endless parade of Apple and Android apps, each of which offers some form of unique value proposition to players.

To help guide you in your decision, here are five games to help you on your way: 

1. The Car Next Door

A thinking man’s classic, the Car Next Door is the ultimate imagination game that asks players to invent narratives about the people travelling in the car alongside them. All that you need is an active mind and an ability to weave interesting stories, while the game itself is ideal for parents or older siblings who are trying to occupy infants out on the road.

2. The Game of Thrones Slot

We now take a leap into the world of contemporary, mobile gaming, with one of the very best casino Games at Redflushcasino. Based on the epic literature and television series of the same name, this game transports you to the Seven Kingdoms and uses numerous characters and plot hooks to engage your attention. Ideal for fans of the franchise, this slot can also enable you to win a little money while on the move!

3. I Spy

Don’t hate us here; but I Spy just so happens to be a personal favourite from my own childhood. More than just a simple game that encourages participants to hone their imagination and observation skills, I Spy also harks back to a simpler time when console and mobile games were a thing of the future. Who knows, playing this game may prove a revelation for the children of today and it is a truly enjoyable way of passing the time!

4. License Plate Lingo

Another classic, License Plate Lingo asks players to make up a phrase using the letters on another cars’ license plate. One player starts by picking a plate at random, before calling out the letters and asking others to create their own unique phrase. Then everyone repeats their turn until they can come up with no more, leaving a winner in every sense of the word.

5. Travel Scrabble

Now I know people who hate regular scrabble, and these individuals are unlikely to relish playing the travel version. For fans of this enduring popular and now online game, Travel Scrabble is the ultimate way of passing the time while in the move whether you are travelling in a car, on a train or on an aeroplane. It is portable too, making it one of the best travel games available even in the digital age!