Best Camping Guide For Your Australian Holiday Of A Lifetime

Planning a big holiday in a country you have never been to can seem quite daunting at first. Of course, there are plenty of guides, videos and photos online to help guide you to your holiday destination. Sometimes the kind of holiday you are looking for just seems a little too bespoke though. When you want to combine exotic destinations with budget travel, finding the right guide suddenly becomes a little more tricky.

Travelling across a very big country like Australia is a challenge. There is plenty to see, but thousands of miles to cover to be able to see it. Staying local just isn’t an option when you have travelled so far to get there. You want to see everything you possibly can before your Visa expires. It is certainly going to take some clever planning.

One of the best ways to experience a new country and its culture is to camp. Camping gets you out in some of the best landscapes and scenery that any country can offer. Camping out in Australia is certainly one of those once in a lifetime experiences. It can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. You can go ‘Crocodile Dundee’ or Glamp your way around the country. Whatever you choose, you will definitely be able to take in some incredible sites and coastline.


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Much of the middle of Australia is bush. It is incredibly difficult to survive here if you haven’t fully prepared yourself and know what you are getting into. It is hot, and water is sometimes hard to find. There are few formal roads or train tracks here. The vast majority of the population of Australia live around the coast, leaving thousands of miles of land almost empty. It is rugged terrain, and well worth a visit, although you may prefer a guided tour.

If you are camping in Australia, you will have to pick up some supplies from somewhere like the Caravans and camper megastore. If you don’t want a campervan or a caravan, you will still quite likely need a trailer to hook up to the back of your hire car. The country is vast, so you’re not going to cover much ground on foot or by bike. Hire a car, and travel along the coastal roads of any state to find incredible surf, beaches and campsites.

Australians love the outdoor life, but UV protection is essential if you want to join them. Hats are sensible, and block for vulnerable areas like the nose are key to avoiding nasty burns. The Northern Territory is exceptionally hot, with areas in the South providing a fresher feel. Sydney is home to the famous Opera House, and Perth is the city on its own surrounded by some of the most incredible landscapes you’ll find this close to a major city. To enjoy all that Australia has to offer will definitely take several trips here, but you can make your holiday of a lifetime by camping up and down a single state. Enjoy your stay.