7 Great Tips on How to Prepare For a Walking Holiday

There are many different trails, paths and other designated walks in the UK.  This is why so many people are choosing to try a walking holiday on domestic soil to experience the wonderful countryside, sights and sounds we have here.  If you are a walking holiday newbie, you will find the following article useful as it includes 7 great tips to help you prepare properly for your trip.

Choose a Trail and Get the Right Maps

There is a debate about whether digital or paper maps are best.  However, they can both complement each other.  While on one hand a hand held device will instantly show you where you are on the map, o the other hand a paper map won’t run out of power or lose its signal.  Depending on the trail, you may need a number of different Ordnance Survey maps, but there will also be guides available for trails that can help you plan it.

Plan Your Route

You need to be realistic when it comes to planning your route regarding what you are able to achieve, while enjoying your holiday.  For example, if you want to walk the length of the Thames Path, which stretches for 184 miles and have 7 days to do it in; it would be best to split it into 2 and perhaps considering the possibility of covering the 2nd section of the walk on a different occasion.  It is also a wise idea to vary the types of walks you undertake each day, walk an easy 8 miles one day and switch to a more challenging 20 miles the next and so on; with a rest day every few days.

Book Accommodation

Along each and every trail or path there will be B&Bs, hostels, hotels and even campsites, so there are plenty of different options to meet all budgets.  You need to think about when you are going on your walking holiday.  If it is during the peak holiday period, you will have to make sure you book early to ensure you get a room or spot at particular places.

Prepare Yourself

If you are going on a walking holiday with next to no regular experience under your belt, you need to change that and get out there on some practice walks in advance of your trip.

Buy and Take the Right Gear

Important gear that you should not go on a walking holiday without includes: waterproofs, a range of clothing layers, lightweight trousers, a robust and light rucksack and some good walking boots.  Outdoor Look has a wide range of items at very competitive prices.  You also need to have space for packed lunches, snacks, water bottles, maps and any navigational equipment you plan on taking and it is also important to have a first aid kit as well.

Consider Food

Depending on where you are staying, think about your meal options.  If you are in a village, there will probably be a local pub you can have an evening meal in.  If you are staying in a B&B, they may be able to prepare a packed lunch for you.  But, if you are staying in a remote location or camping, you will need to plan meals in advance and stock up from nearby village shops to stop you from going hungry or thirsty.

Plan Start and Finishing Points

This is often overlooked, but it’s important to remember you will be starting and finishing at different spots and to make sure you know the transport options in advance.

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