7 Of The Best UK Cities For A Holiday

When you are travelling around the UK, there are so many different places to visit. Each county has its own landscape and culture. Traditions and local fare have dominated the top ten reasons why you should visit any area of Britain. Reaching these places can be a bit challenging though, with most people needing a car to find some of the quaintest little villages around. If the rural and country settings aren’t for you, the UK’s top 7 cities may be more your style:


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  1. London – The capital of England never fails to deliver. If it’s fun, nightlife or West End shows you are after, you probably won’t find anywhere to deliver more in the world. Take a trip on a boat down the Thames, or hop aboard the London Eye to see it all. There is a huge variety of accommodation for your stay such as the secret hotels of London, so make the most of a long weekend.
  2. Edinburgh – This almighty Scottish city is home to many entertainments and events like the Comedy and Film festivals. It is a great student city too, so feels young and vibrant despite the solemn but stunning architecture. Take the time to enjoy the sights or sit and watch a mime on the street.
  3. York – Home of the mighty Yorkminster, which dominates the city. This place has been home to Romans, Vikings, Saxons and everybody in between. Most noted for its fantastic markets which have been there for hundreds of years. The architecture is also ancient and looks stunning in half timber facade buildings.
  4. Cardiff – The busiest place in Wales offers everything you need for a great short break. There are restaurants and clubs, as well as museums and city tours to give you everything you need and more. Find out everything you can about the Welsh people in Cardiff.
  5. Brighton – This is one of England’s busiest seaside resorts yet only sports a shingle or pebble beach. The water is pretty cold too! Brighton is one of the most tolerant places in the UK and welcomes a huge gay population. There are dozens of B&Bs to choose from in the rows and rows of Regency houses. If arcades and seaside theatre are your thing, check out the pier.
  6. Manchester – This is one of the most exciting cities in the world today. Much of the city center has been recently rebuilt and now hosts some of the most fascinating architecture of the day. The nightlife and theater in the area are extremely popular. Manchester also has an underground train network making travelling in and around the city very easy. This city is renowned for the pop music scene too.
  7. Oxford – This little city is home to England’s oldest University. It dates back to the 11th century and is situated on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds. There are plenty of guided walks and tours, and the city is quite popular with those who enjoy ghost hunting. The lively market also draws a good crowd and features lots of unique local foods.