6 Beautiful Places to Enjoy a Romantic Break For Two in Europe

If you are looking for great places to head with your significant other for a romantic break together, there are too many places in Europe to mention in one post, so we have whittled it down a little.  In the following article you will find the places that we think are the best of the best, some of which have been featured in the Top 5 European Cities that you can’t miss.

Italian Riviera

For something a little different, why not travel through what is known as The Cinque Terre, or five lands that make up the Italian Riviera.  Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Vernazza all lead into the Mediterranean from the off the cliffs of Liguria.  If you are savvy, you can avoid the rush of tourists that frequent there during summer, by going in late spring.  It is quiet part of Italy where you have time and space to get lost in each other’s eyes and the scenic surroundings.  If you fancy a day of walking, you could try the Sentiero Azzurro, translated as Blue Path, which connects each village to the next.


Barcelona is a city steeped in Spanish culture and history and with its stunning Gothic Quarter, there is plenty to see and do including cafes, cocktail bars and vintage shops to browse.  You should also check out Carrer dels Petons; translated as “street of the kiss”, where historically men who were sentenced to death gave final, romantic farewells to their wives.


Rome is a beautiful place to spend a romantic time with your lover.  Surprisingly the Grand Hotel Gianicolo in Vatican City, despite is fame is great value and jaw-droopingly gorgeous.  When you are not in the hotel, spend time walking through Villa Pamphilli park and take drink in the view of Trevi Fountain.  Rome is so perfect for couples that you can go virtually anywhere in the city and romance is certain to flow.


If you don’t fancy the more clichéd destinations of Rome (above) and Paris (below), you could do a lot worse than choosing to visit the capital of Sicily, Palermo.  While there you must make sure that you take a look at the mosaic on the Dome in Monreale and walk round the Ballaro and Vucciria markets during the day.  In the evening you can walk across Mondello beach and watch the sunset, sharing a romantic moment together.


It goes without saying that if you have no idea really of where you want to go for your romantic break with your partner, Paris is always a safe option.  Although a lot of the romantic things to see and do in Paris are perhaps a bit cheesy and clichéd, you should stop trying to be cool and just give in to the cheesy, romantic movie feel of the city.  Snog as you enjoy the sun setting over the River Seine, show your love for one another atop the Eiffel Tower.


Although Copenhagen is not the first place you would think of when it comes to romantic getaways, in October 2013, the World Happiness Report showed that the Nordic city is the happiest city in the world.  That is reason enough to believe that love might be in the air in the Danish city.  There is a hippy haven if you are feeling particularly uninhibited at Christiana, however if you fancy something a bit more romantic in the traditional sense, take a boat tour of the many canals of Christianshavn.

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