5 Tricks to Finding the Perfect Business Accommodation

Whether you’re a weary businessperson with a hectic travel schedule or a personal assistant who’s been tasked with booking the boss’s hotel for a conference, finding business accommodation that ticks all the boxes can be difficult. Is it located near enough to where you’ll be meeting/selling/learning? Is it affordable without being unsanitary or unsafe? Does it have everything that you’ll need in the way of amenities? While there can be much consider, don’t fret. Here are five ways you can get closer to discovering the perfect option for you and your business trip.

Spend Time Researching Online

Nowadays, just about anything and everything can be booked online. Start your search by visiting popular comparison websites such as Wotif, Trivago, Tripadvisor, HotelsCombined and Expedia. Not only will you be able to see prices side by side, but you can read reviews from fellow travellers. The thing about searching on the internet, however, is that the best bargains can require a little patience. Allocate plenty of time to trawling through what’s available, meaning don’t leave your research to the last minute. Also remember to take a pinch of salt with every accommodation review you read!

Check Out the Perks

When you’re travelling for business, certain facilities are necessities. As part of your research, be sure to check out the individual websites for each accommodation provider and look for the services/facilities section. Is there a laundry service available, where you can get your clothes dry cleaned? Is there an iron and ironing board included in the room? Will there be enough power points for all your electronics? Some accommodation providers, such as Kings Park Accommodation, will win over business travellers thanks to the free Wi-Fi and large data allowance that comes with booking a room.

Consider Package Deals

Of course, if you are travelling further afield, you could scour the net for package deals that combine your transport and accommodation. Often, these packages can present great value, as well as convenience! Once again, you can turn to sites such as Expedia and Wotif for help, while Kayak, lastminute and edreams will also come in handy for packages.

Look Beyond the Chains

If you’re a regular business traveller, then having reliable and affordable accommodation options on tap is vital. This is why a branded hotel that’s part of a bigger network can quickly become your tried and true best friend. However, you’ll need to look past that if you’re interested in finding the perfect option for you, not just a good option.

Enquire About Special Deals

Many smaller and exclusive accommodation providers may not advertise their discounts online, so your best bet is calling them directly to see if they have any special corporate deals. Don’t be embarrassed about asking for this either; business travellers can represent repeat customers, so hotels will love to get on your good side!

Do you often go on business trips? What do you think makes the perfect accommodation? If you have any tips and tricks, please share them by commenting in the section below.