5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Serviced Apartment

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Have you checked out serviced apartments by VISIONAPARTMENTS yet? If not, now is the best time to see what they can offer. If you are traveling soon, whether alone or with family, staying in a serviced apartment is recommended for you. In this article, we will talk about the 5 reasons why you should do so.

Comfort and space

Did you know that serviced apartments usually have twice as much space as a hotel room? Whether you go for a studio apartment or a four-bedroom house, each apartnment will come with a kitchen and fully equipped living and working area. If you consider space as a very important factor when choosing a play to stay, you’ll surely enjoy staying in a serviced apartment.

More affordable accommodation

Serviced apartment rates are lower as compared to hotel rates. In addition to that, they do not come with hidden costs like bar or room service charges. Also, most serviced apartments today offer free Internet access. This makes them ideal for business travelers.

If you hire an apartment for a number of days, you’ll get reduced pricing per night. Indeed, service apartments give value for your money.


If you want privacy, you’ll enjoy your stay in a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments actually provide a higher degree of privacy then hotel rooms. You may also hold business meetings in the comfort and privacy of your serviced apartment.


Even though serviced apartments are more affordable than hotels, they come with high quality furnishing. Most serviced apartments have modern kitchen facilities, quality toiletries, well-organized living areas, first class entertainment facilities, and impressive Internet and communication system.


With a serviced apartment, you can enjoy home-cooked meals. You may also hire a chef to cook for you within your apartment. If you don’t have time to cook or money to hire a chef, you may just go out for a meal. How awesome is that? Staying in a serviced apartment gives you independence and flexibility that every traveler needs. Your apartment will be your home away from home.

Just like hotels, serviced apartments can often be found at the heart of the city. They are located near business and shopping centers, restaurants, and convenience stores. If you don’t want to bring your car, it’s totally fine because these apartments are usually located in places were access to public transportation is very easy.