4 Ways To Earn And Travel

Forget fruit picking and waiting tables, it’s a brave new world when it comes to earning money on the road. The digital age has opened up a wealth of opportunities to travel with an income. Read on for four ways you can keep the bank account topped up while you’re travelling to incredible destinations.


With skills such as writing, editing or graphic design, there are income streams to be derived from freelancing. Websites such as Elance, Freelancer or Upwork allow you to work from anywhere in the world using just a laptop and internet connection, with money paid into your account through PayPal. You can bid for jobs, build up a solid clientele and work from a beach in the Bahamas, a chalet in Switzerland or a park in Paris.

If you feel you lack the career skills to freelance, there are also some less formal avenues to earn some money, including Fiverr. As its name suggests, Fiverr allows you to charge $5 to perform a task. From providing testimonials to drawing, Fiverr is a creative way to earn some cash. And with some imagination and nous, you can use your travels to create your own special $5 service.


With a little expertise, both the stock market and currency trading have the potential to really drive up your earnings; it just takes some know-how.

Stock trading is all about buying and selling shares in companies, while currency trading relates to the purchase and sale of currency. Like anything, it’s about learning the ropes, and there are some solid options when it comes to getting up to speed. Companies like Learn To Trade offer one-on-one coaching and expert advice in currency trading, guiding you from the basics right through to transactions. Best of all, you can do it anywhere in the world at any time.

Travel writing

If you love to document your travel experiences, can turn a phrase and know your way around photography, then you could earn a little cash via travel writing. You might set up your own blog or create paid posts for travel websites. There are some very successful travel blogs which derive their income through sponsorship and advertising. The best of the bloggers also receive a host of freebies and travel experiences.

Use your English

One of the most sought after languages in the world is the English language. From English tutoring to tour guide work and translating, your English skills can open some amazing doors anywhere in the world. More inventive ways of using it include offering your services to ensure signage in English is correct, or proofreading students’ English assignments.

Many of us dream of travelling the world while earning money. The reality is it’s now easier than ever to work in conventional and non-conventional fields from abroad or on the road. It just takes some creativity, enthusiasm and a little thinking outside the box. How could you use your skills to earn some money as you explore your dream destination?