3 Stops For A Luxury Tour Of China

China is one of the countries in the world undergoing such dynamic changes that are not only curving futuristic skyline, but as an upcoming superpower, it is helping define the future of the whole world. However, it has some incredible ancient sights, which stand beside its futuristic accomplishments in such perfect harmony. Its natural diversities are equally fascinating.

A luxury tour of China takes you through its most iconic places; here are some of them as advised by China travel experts Ampersand Travel:


Beijing is China’s capital and second largest city that is truly remarkable, a city that enlightens and entertains at every turn. It is astonishingly modern and a quick glance at the youthful, vibrant and progressive place, might give you ideas that China has abandoned communism altogether and embraced the Western ideals. However, when you delve deeper, you will discover the cultural and historical treasures that have intrigued travelers for centuries; you will also get a glimpse into its notorious past.

At the very heart of Beijing is the expansive Tiananmen Square and mystical Forbidden City, they are must sights if you are keen on comprehensive and colorful into China’s illustrious and imperial past and its somehow terrifying post evolution endeavors. From the square, you can explore the city and you will find a plethora of incredible temples, ornate houses, atmospheric Hutongs, tranquil parks, dazzling lakes and bustling markets.


Guilin attracts travelers due to its unique natural beauty of distinctively shaped karsts that pop out randomly from an otherwise flat surface like giant, vegetation-covered stalagmites. It is one of a kind intriguing landscape, which is a draw to tourists, and the city itself has developed impressive and friendly place with numerous great restaurants and hotels.

Explore the lush peaks and vast magnificent caves of Seven Star Park and Reed Flute Cave. Take a boat trip to the popular Li River and enjoy the spectacular views from the Solitary Beauty Peak in the centre of the town. Bill Clinton himself described Guilin as “evocative of the beauty of the whole of China” when he visited in 1998.


No tour of China is complete without a luxury cruise on the legendary Yangtze River. The river snakes its way across China from the snowcapped peaks of the Western China to the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, it is 6,300 kilometers longs and it boasts as China’s longest river and the world’s third longest. The Yangtze River and its tributaries have played an important role in China’s economy over the centuries. It connects the country economically and culturally as it meanders past important historical cities, towns and landmarks.

The famous Three Gorges of Qutang, Wu and Xiling have drawn crowds for ages and are truly breathtaking. Despite the dam across the river causing the water levels to rise and cover most parts of the gorges’, they are still a site to behold. Taking a cruise on this mighty river rewards you with beautiful sceneries that you will remember for ages to come.

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