Archive: December, 2014

Go Doughnuts in Bangkok

Doughnuts, the doughy confectionary that is a favourite with Homer Simpson – TV’s most discerning gourmand – is an American staple and calorific snack, which has been received by all sweet-loving creatures of this world with a gusto that surpasses the reception of all other dainties by a magnitude of tenfold. Thanks largely to its […]

Your Top Guide To Seeing London And Paris In A Week

It can often be nice to take a long relaxing vacation, but there are other occasions when you want to take a quick, last minute trip somewhere on a budget. An exciting vacation plan that allows you to take in two cities at once is a fun-filled trip to London and then onwards to Paris. […]

Awesome Things To Do Whilst On A City Break In The UK

The city break has become a popular holiday type, with many choosing a trip full of culture over relaxing at the beach. This kind of vacation is often the best choice for people with busy lives or minimal holiday days from work, as they can squeeze plenty of activity into a short amount of time. […]