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WWI Celebrations in France (Verdun)

Universal capital of The First World War, Verdun was the hotspot of the greatest battle the 20th century has ever seen. Destroyed villages, combat sites, museums, memorials and re-enactments bear testimony to the scale and the destructiveness of the war, as well as of the valour and intrepidity of the city’s defenders. The German offensive […]

Holiday Destinations Your Husband Would Love!

It can be really difficult to select the perfect holiday destination that your husband will love, which is precisely why this post has been written today. You might think that Paris or Venice would be ideal, but in truth, both of those locations are a little bit boring for him, and he’d probably prefer something […]

Explore The Mediterranean with Royal Caribbean in 2015

Next year, an exciting new means of cruise holidaying is set to hit our shores, in the majestic guise of ‘The Allure of The Seas’– a gargantuan cruise liner tailor-made to incorporate both affordability and luxury into one 6,318-berth package. When we consider the size of this, we are quite literally talking larger than four […]

A Weight Off the Mind — Why Netbooks Are So Popular

Not so long ago it seemed that the laptop was the ultimate in portable computing. For a generation used to the hefty monitor, hard drive and keyboard of the standard desktop computer, the development of a portable option represented a major breakthrough in computer hardware. Nowadays the consumer is presented with a wider choice, including […]

5 Countries You Should Definitely Visit Before You Die

Image link here If you’ve been looking through travel brochures recently with an aim to booking your 2014 summer holiday, you might like to check out some of the suggestions I’ve made in this short article. Although some of the destinations are rather expensive for travellers from the UK and Europe, they’re guaranteed to provide […]